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Yes right! I do accept and welcome guest articles on many conditions… We’ll discuss that later. Although most blogs do NOT allow this at all due to some reasons best known to them.

The most important thing here is yes I do…

So here are a few possible question you’re likely to wanna ask and here are the likely answers am gonna give you;

Q: Hey Babs, Do you allow guest post?
A: Yup.. Heck Yeah i do…

Q: What are the types of articles you accept?

ideas for contribution

A: I accept virtually any type of article related to Online marketing so far it’s of high quality, well detailed, has not been published else where. Breaks down everything to 1500 words or more. That way? The readers see value in it & the search engines agree 🙂

Q: Do you allow copied Contents or Already shared contents? (Some folks might ask this 🙂
A: If i do, Then this blog should’ve just be labelled as an Article Directory Lol… Heaven NO i don’t.. Everyone loves quality. Am not a fan of Exception to such Love.

Q: Do you Give Do-follow Backlinks
A: Yes, Sorta, you came up with something awesome, You deserve a reward. Just don’t over do it. (You can’t even) I’ve got my eyes on you :p

Q: Do you allow affiliate links in post?
A: Nope! This is my blog, Not yours… Sorry! Can’t tell but if you’re smart enough though (and again! It can’t happen)

Q: Do you have a specific size you want images in post to be?

A: Good question. As a matter of fact! Yeah i do… Not lesser than 1200px in breadth & 600 in height.

Note that your articles must be well formatted with images you own it’s copyright. If however you wish to cite some other images make sure you have them credited to their respectful owners.

Have I answered all your questions? If yep and you still wanna go ahead, Shoot me an email, If not (I have no idea what more you wanna ask) But please contact me with the form below, It’s faster or just mail me via

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