I've decided to start taking guest posts and authors on You've been nursing the thoughts of having your piece published and share with the Babs Reviews Blog members community?

Yo! welcome...

Before we go deeper though, There are some sets of guest posts seekers I must disappoint. If you're looking to get published here just for the sake of link or perhaps you're not a blogger with a personal blog.

I might not be publishing your article. It depends really. If you're a your own blog owner then you'll be given a shot, If you're not... There's still a chance but I'd have to review it thoroughly before anything. Here are some common Questions you might wanna ask and of course. The Answers.

Q: Hey Babs, Do you accept guest post?

A: Heck Yeah i do...

Q: What are the types of articles you accept?

A: I accept virtually any type of article related to Online marketing so far it's of high quality, well detailed, has not been published else where. Breaks down everything to 1500 words or more. That way? The readers see value in it & the search engines agree 🙂

Q: Do you allow affiliate links in post?

A: Nope! This is my blog, Not yours... Sorry! Can't tell but if you're smart enough though (and again! It can't happen)

Q: Do you have a specific size you want images in post to be?

A: Good question. As a matter of fact! Yes i do... All featured images you set must be Facebook and Twitter Friendly, They must be around 1200 piels in width and up to 600 pixels in height since you're going to be submitting the post yourself, Everything has to be in place, Almost everything.

Guest Posting For

You know all the benefits so there's no need stressing it.

Dofollow link. Exposure to new audience, more credibility and others.

...But there's something you should know. Since your author account will be processed and you'll have to enter the post yourself.

Get ready to use Thrive Content Builder. This is the plugin that powers my blog posts and landing pages. So far? It's the best. You'd have to use it's easy interface to add interactive elements to your posts, Don't worry, I'll be around to help.


Thanks for checking out this page, Please use the contact form below to get in touch with me so we can get started ASAP. All the best.

...and if you have more questions, Please do not hesitate.

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