How to Close & Sell a Business: The Step by Step Guide [Infographic]

Not everybody wants to ever do this but in some circumstances? It might just be needed.

Don't you just wish you had it all, The steps to take to close and sell a business if there are one or two circumstances that warrants it like:

  • You no longer have the time to manage the business
  • It does not align with your goals for the future.
  • Selling it off to someone who has a lot of money to invest better in it.
  • That was what you built it for in the first place. Grow it to an extent then sell it off to the highest bidder.
  • Something just doesn't seem right and selling it off is the only way.

Then you'll have it here.

This infographic delivers the cumbersome task of having to close and sell a business in 7 easy steps.

Are you ready to see them? Here's the infographic.

steps to close and sell a business

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More On Selling Your Business

Got the steps already? Just to expatiate more, The first step to closing any business is making the decision in your mind. Sometimes that's always a tough call especially if the business has very little chances of surviving if you still run it.

Do that first then seek an expert's advice on the issue.​

This is a very crucial and right thing to do, You mind end up​ getting convinced not to sell your business but if otherwise and it passes this stage?

Then what's next is to seek file dissolution documents from the legal practitioners (Lawyers) and cancel all the permits, licenses and registrations if need be (As you're advised).

Comply with employment and labor laws, resolve financial obligations, maintain records and it'll be over even before you know it.

You're done.

What's Next?

That's totally up to you.

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