7 Things You Can Learn From Brian Dean. Founder, Backlinko.

If you have been doing online marketing for a while now especially concentrating on search engine optimization industry and link building then I have no doubt, You must've heard of Brian Dean or his blog Backlinko.

If you have not then here's a chance to meet this great guy and know what's so fantastic about him that you might wanna do or learn about 7 things from him.

Brian Dean. Founder, Backlinko.

Brian Dean is one of the most sought after SEO's in the world, an SEO guru. One that knows SEO like the back of his hands.

I've been following him for a while now and In this post I'll reveal 7 things you can learn from him to enhance your website, increase traffic and conversions.

7. You too Can become an SEO Guru.

Here's what I know about how Brian started, He used to run a weight loss blog launched about 6 years ago that didn't perform well on the search engines.

Asides that, Brian Dean had a couple of sites promoting affiliate products he didn't really work hard on but they were ranking well on the SERPs due to the fact that he uses a couple of black hat SEO tricks back then.

brian dean founder backlinko

Then one day it happened, Google rolled out the panda update which swept off Brian's and other similar websites off their rankings, You know what that means? The traffic that was making money was gone.

But thanks to the decision Brian made back then coupled with tons of hard work and learning he now has a say when it comes to Search Engine Optimization anywhere...

How's that even possible?

We'll get right to it.

6. Publish Extremely Great Contents!

Whether you like it or not, This is one of the essential ingredients you need to succeed with search engine optimization asides content promotion.

I've read all of Brian's articles, They were all detailed stuff with custom graphics designed to boost the credibility of each content.

That's something we can all learn from Brian Dean, Putting together a couple of shabby contents just won't do the trick anymore especially now that all Google wants to do is show the best results on the first page for a particular keyword.

content marketing

Besides that there has to be enough words on page for the search engine spiders to understand what your website or page is about.

Take a look at Brian's articles. Make something related for yourself (No not with his contents, with yours.)

Go into details but make sure to skip the unnecessary parts out so as not to bore your readers out of their mind all because you're trying to churn out great contents, long content.

Here's a few suggestions:

  1. Use numbers in your post titles and article body.
  2. Flaunt results, Captivate your readers immediately from the first paragraph.
  3. Make good looking custom banners, graphics for your contents.
  4. Research your topic well and make sure you don't leave a stone un-turned before you start wrapping up.

Better still, You'll love these resources:

  1. The Nine Ingredient That Makes Great Content
  2. How to Write Great Contents From ProBlogger
  3. How to Write Great Contents: 20 Tips From Famous Writers
  4. 26 Tips for Writing Great Blog Posts from SocialMediaExaminer

5. Screw Fresh Content, You don't Necessarily Need It to Grow.

I've also learned that from Brian Dean. If you're an avid reader of his blog then you'll notice he barely post articles twice a week talk more of thrice a month.

In fact Brian once got super busy on a project he was handling and didn't have any chance to publish an article on his blog, Backlinko.

Guess what happened?

As you can see back there, The traffic for the whole website went up by a whooping 24% in those 2 months. That's not because Brian was publishing and keeps churning out great articles.

brian dean seo

It's because of what he did. What was that? Lesson number 4!

4. Content Promotion, Almost Everything!

In 2016 and beyond, If you want more traffic and higher search engine rankings then effective content promotion skills is what you need and we've learned from Brian that it works.

Remember I mentioned Brian used to run a weight loss blog, Yup! All the stuffs Brian puts on his blog were high quality not only because they were well researched but because Brian had a Masters degree in Nutrition.

He often uses the story telling trick too citing examples & the life experiences he got while acquiring the degree but then nothing happened.

content promotion

He wasn't promoting.

Don't do it. Brian calls it the "Publish and Pray Method". Instead promoting your contents mercilessly will do you more good and help your overall website increase traffic.

Here's a couple of great reads from Brian himself and others.

  1. Content Strategy Case Study: 36,282 New Visitors & 1000 Email Subscribers (Backlinko)
  2. 17 Content Promotion That Drives Traffic, Leads & Sales (Salesforce)
  3. 17 Advanced Methods for Promoting Your New Piece of Content (Kissmetrics)
  4. 16 Explosive Content Promotion Strategies (RobbieRichards)
  5. How to Generate a Content Promotion Strategy In Less Than One Hour (Buffer Blog)

3. Test Different Types of Contents

Yes, you can learn that one too. From Brian Dean.

He creates virtually all kinds of contents ranging from Case studies, Infographics, Checklists, Definitive guides, content curation and others.

content marketing for small business

All these contents perform well for him due to the fact that they are strategically prepared and placed. You too can try this at little or no expense. In fact it's one of the content marketing mistakes you're making.

Sticking to just one form of content creation and ignoring others.

If you have tried infographics or Content curation or case studies you'll know which one works better for you. For Brian I've seen his Case studies and definitive guides does well, It's something you might wanna replicate.

And again (Not his contents) But yours.

2. Put Efforts into Finding New Ways to Solve Problems, It Pays!

That's what Brian does and till today he has made many new/proven to work techniques to solve problems in the online marketing industry today.

Take the skyscraper technique for example is an effective search engine optimization/content promotion strategy that works by finding already existing popular pages and posts then making a better version of it.

content creation

Brian could've easily just published that anyhow but before then nobody knows what the Skyscraper technique is and how to use it to build links, increase traffic.

In addition to that, Late last month Jon Morrow from Smart Blogger wrote an article on how to write great How-to posts.

His tutorial on how to create a tutorial was simple.

Jon Morrow His Royal awesomeness, CEO SmartBlogger

Find New Ways to Solve an existing problem else don't talk about it.

That's not all, The other techniques Brian has invention has shoot his credibility and authority off the roof such that Google now recognizes searches that pertain to his strategies.

Another thing you can learn from Brian Dean?

1. You Can Pretty Much Rank for Anything So Far You Know What You're Doing!

This one is really bursting my burbles LOL! Brian ranks for some of the most insane and competitive keywords ever. Don't believe me?

Brian's 17 Untapped Backlink Sources ranks on the first page among other insanely competitive keywords for the term "Backlink" "Backlinks". That term according to the Google keyword planner gets searched over 4600 times every month.

search engine optimization seo

That's not all, You'll find all of Brian's tutorials and guides dancing on the first page of Google rankings for their targeted keyword. That's amazing! Who ranks on the first page for head terms like "Link building" "List building" "Google ranking factors" "Seo techniques".

It's Brian Dean.

In fact it got to an extent, When Brian had emailed me about his new guide on how to do eCommerce SEO sometimes last month (Subscribed to his newsletter).

ecommerce seo by brian dean

Immediately I knew, One website on the first page had to give way for Brian's guide and it didn't really take long for that to happen.

That new guide now ranks on the first page for that keyword. That's the power of knowledge and how good Brian is at what he does.

Make no mistake, Even you too can rank on the first page for which ever keyword you want with a bunch of hard work just like Brian does.

In Conclusion

Hope you've been able to see why and how Brian Dean. Founder, Backlinko is so powerful and what you can learn from him. Don't stop here. There are tons of other important things you can still learn from him.

You can do all that by:

  1. Visiting Brian's Blog http://backlinko.com
  2. Subscribing to his newsletter (He barely send emails but when he does, It means it's really important plus you get a free ebook)
  3. Follow him on Twitter @Backlinko - He's sorta active there.

With all that said, This article ends here.

Do not forget to leave your feedback using the comment form (It's that important). and if you've gotten real value from this post, It's then only fair that you share with your friends on social media.)

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