BoardBooster Review + Tutorial: Pinterest Marketing & Optimization Tool

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media network on the planet. The third most popular in the United States.

Pinterest is drives better traffic to websites and it's users are way engaged than a few other places to drive traffic online. StumbleUpon is an example.

In fact a study by RJMetrics concluded that Pinterest is retaining and engaging users as much as 2-3 times as efficiently as Twitter was at a similar time in their history.

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(Then it's only $5/Month after!)

In my last post about Pinterest statistics, I also mentioned that 80% of Pinterest pins are re-pins. Why would people who have posted pins earlier re-pin the same thing again?

The answer is simple: For more traffic.

To gain momentum on Pinterest one of the key is to consistently add Pin to your boards.

This is an excerpt from Sue Ann Dunlevie's answer to the interview I have coming up on Babs Reviews Blog. It's going to feature the top Pinterest dogs and those driving traffic to their blog steadily with the platform.

Pin Optimization and boardbooster review

Back to the article. One of the best strategy you can ever adopt to:

  • Grow your Pinterest following.
  • Drive massive traffic to your website from the network.
  • Engage your audience on Pinterest.

Is to start scheduling Pins. This will save you time and energy to focus on other things and money as well cause BoardBooster is one of the cheapest Pinterest automation tool you'll find out there.

What is BoardBooster?

BoardBooster is a suite of Pinterest marketing and automation tools that makes gaining traction with Pinterest more easier. Using the BoardBooster tool you can:

  • Schedule Pinterest Pins - This is done directly from the native Pinterest website or app. No third party tool or addon needed. One of the biggest advantage of BoardBooster to schedule Pins is that It publishes your pin during the best possible time (when your followers are most likely to notice your pins). Along side other sweet advantages.
  • Effortlessly And Contribute to Your Favorite Pinterest Group Boards - So you've joined tons of group boards to spread your wings, This tool makes managing everything darn easier. More on this later.
  • Manage and Clean Up Your Own Boards - Looks too rough? Or many unwanted pins?  The Pin Mover helps you split or clean up large boards. It finds all pins that match your criteria and moves them to a board that you specify.
  • Streamline Your Pinterest Marketing & Leverage Every Opportunity Presented - Yep! With BoardBooster you get all these. The ability to improve pin quality, set the best performing boards and times to pin, Optimize your strategy and rank your pin performance.

Getting Started With BoardBooster

BoardBooster is easy to use however it isn't entirely a free tool but it's incredibly cheap. For as little as $5 you can schedule and manage up to 500 Pins per month. Great isn't it?

You can start using the tool without paying a single dime. Just head over to and start your free trial which gives you your first 100 Pins free of charge.

start boardbooster pinterest tool trial

That's enough to witness the power of the tool. Click start free trial button and fill in your correct details in the next page.

Once you're done with that and verified your email address (The normal protocol) you should be able to sign in to your account which looks like the one above but you'll notice that there's a menu on the upper right hand of your dashboard.

BoardBooster Menu

See above:

How The BoardBooster Scheduling App Works

BoardBooster is quite different from the others. BoardBooster's approach to scheduling is very different from all other pin schedulers on the market.

Our Pin Scheduler uses Secret Boards in order to queue up all new pins and repins. So, you don't need to leave Pinterest® in order to schedule a pin.

You simply pin to your secret boards, and BoardBooster will publish the right number of pins from your secret boards to your public boards at the right time.

Pin Scheduler requires a one-time configuration where you tell BoardBooster how many pins should go to each board per day, and what are your preferred pinning hours. Scheduler creates secret boards and starts monitoring them for new pins.

How to Schedule Pins Using BoardBooster

First you want to head over to your account settings then add your Pinterest details so the tool fetches your boards. I've done mine and here's what it looks like:

Boardbooster profile

You might also be required to add your Pinterest password. Once that's done, The next thing you want to do is click on the refresh boards button below your profile to make sure nothing is left out.

To get started, Hit the Pinning tools as shown on your navigation menu like below and click on scheduler when the drop down menu opens. This will take you to a page like below:

Pinterest boards on BoardBooster

As you can see I've added a few group boards to Pin to three times per day on each. For yours no board will appear for now since you haven't added one yet so click on the add board button as highlighted above.

This will open a popup showing your boards and asking you to pick the boards you want to add to scheduler. Choose carefully and click on continue.

Choosing boards with BoardBooster

This further opens another popup asking you to set the right amount of pins you want published and timing.

No worries! BoardBooster automatically publishes your pin when its best to. I like to set it as it is.

Scheduling pins with boardbooster

Not too elaborate and three times pinning per day. You could increase this if you want. Once done, In lass than a minute the tool will:

  • Connect to Pinterest Servers
  • Add Your Task to Work Queue
  • Check Your Existing Pinterest Boards For Any Issues
  • And Finally, Create A Secret Board Solely For Scheduling Pins to The Actual Group Board.

Remember that's what Scheduling with BoardBooster is all about. The secret board boards will be kept private from others and will have a dash (-) at the beginning.

Pinning Away

With all that done, You're set to start scheduling pins. Anytime you want to schedule a Pin either from Pinterest itself or from your website just hit the save button on the images like you do and Pin them to the secret boards.

BoardBooster will automatically add to queue and move those Pins to the original group board which will be seen by all those following the group board.

This is good for business. You'll have to agree with me on this one.

Other Things You Can Do With BoardBooster

As we mentioned earlier BoardBooster is a set of Pinterest marketing tools. Apart from scheduling pins there are other things you can do with it. Those include:

  • Moving Pins Around - Probably a few pinning mistakes you made before acquiring the tool.
  • The Pin Doctor - This tool will test pins on your boards, identify 9 common problems like broken links and content duplication, and help you fix them. It's for hire though, You'd have to pay for it.
  • Identify the best times to Pin
  • Check board performance and other important things.

Before I forget to mention: There's a growth tool that helps you track your Pinterest growth. Followers growth, Boards growth and more. Here's a screenshot from my account.

Pinterest Followers Growth

You can tap into this information to better understand your Pinterest profile.

Wrapping It Up

BoardBooster is an excellent pinterest marketing and optimization tool that has everything you need to grow your online business with the platform including good support.

The customer support speed and help is also commendable and so are the cheap plans. You don't have to cough out a huge sum of money to use BoardBooster. Starting with the $5/month plan is recommended.

Click here to get your boardbooster account. If you have any question or feedback as to Pinterest automation, Please use the comment form below: I'd be happy to help.

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