MUST READ: 8 Types of Blog Posts that Makes Money

A published blog post can be very powerful, to the extent that it has the power to drive traffic, potential to make thousands of money in sales and every other monetization methods you have chosen for your blog.

But the truth is…..

Do you know the exact types of blog posts that makes money? So you can write articles around them? It’s very likely you do but if not that’s still okay as this article is going to throw more light to this issue.

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Moving on!

There are different types of blog posts, We have;

  • How to Guides
  • Case studies
  • Personal stories
  • List Blog Posts
  • Resources & Links
  • Checklists
  • Wake-up calls
  • Infographics
  • Product Reviews
  • Opinion pieces
  • Roundups
  • Podcast Transcripts
  • Interviews
  • Expert Opinions and so many more.

These types of blog post has the ability to do many things and here’s two outta the many.

  • Drive insane traffic to your blog.
  • Make you money.

6 or more out of this list can make you more than the usual So here we go with the 8 types of blog post that will surely make you money.

1. A Blog Posts That Helps

You probably was not expecting this right? Hey but here’s the truth. If you don’t solve someones problem with your blog post or at least provide any inkling of value no one’s going to take action on your blog posts.

Even if you have Adsense on it expect a very low RPM/CTR.

Its as easy as that, The aim of this article is to spell out to you the specific types of blog posts that makes money. Simple & By the end of this article… You should know them.

That should be your aim as a blogger. Providing absolute value over your desire to make money with your blog.

I believe everything is give and take. It applies to the society, It applies to blogging. If you don’t give out something very very good then expect something very very less.

So if you want your blog post to start making you serious money ASAP! Then my friend solving problems should be a starting point for you.

2. A Blog Post That Gets a Lot Of Traffic With Engagement

If your blog post don’t get traffic this automatically puts your monetization efforts to waste. PERIOD!

If you don’t get people to visit your website or in this case read your blog post then who’s gonna buy what you’re selling or who’s gonna click on your Advertisements? Its one thing to write helpful posts as stated above and its another to drive traffic to it.

Nowadays its useless to write helpful, long, content rich articles without making efforts to get it in front of people. Now that’s a challenge! Few days ago i published an article that should help you increase your social media usage and till today have not met the target yet.

So before you can start making money off your blog post you need to focus on driving traffic to it.

But i have good traffic! Yep you may but you surely don’t have your Google Analytic traffic reports embedded somewhere. How are you going to show you have the traffic?

Except you publish Monthly income reports like Patt Flynn then there should be a way you can prove to your new visitors they can trust you. Now this is easily achieved by the amount of engagements on your blog.

If thousands of people read your blog post daily and they just leave then whats the use? The kinda trust people have in such blogs is way lesser than they do with say Huffpost or Problogger.

Ways to show Engagement on your Blog

  • Try as much as possible to seduce your readers to leave you a comment – This is often the number one way prove you have massive engagement on your blog. Take a look at; Backlinko or QucickSprout cause both have something in common.
  • Have your social share buttons display the amount a blog posts has been shared – This often influence people to click on the share buttons themselves and it also proves that you’re getting alot of shares on social media…. You’re getting the social media buzz
  • You could take to your blog sidebar in displaying the amount of followers you have on social media websites – This is a nice way to prove you have the engagement, The audience. The ability to gain more and more trust. See what i found on ShoutMeLoud; A very good example.

People tend to trust an authority site full of engagement and social proof than new ones like mine.

3. Reviews Blog Post

Now this is the place I’m so guessing you wanna see me talk about. After the whole adding value thing and having multiple traffic source plus engagement if you want to make money off your blog posts, Reviews are a very good way to go.

This part consists of finding products worth recommending, writing reviews about it and placing outgoing links with your affiliate links within your blog post. SIMPLE.

This is my favorite way of making money with my blog. All i just do is buy the product or ask for a review copy, Write something good about, How it helps & benefits of having it the product them am Game.

A good example is my article on MyThemeShop

4. Product Comparison Blog Posts

This type of post is a money maker unless you’re comparing products you won’t get paid a commission for.

This involves finding two good products within your niche, Could be software, Web hosting or a WordPress Plugin. Compare the two together. State benefits and finally have the outgoing links to the two product with your outgoing links.

A good example have found lately is Enstine’s comparison of GetResponse & Aweber. Two email marketing software providers. I loved it and i think i should be the first to leave a comment on it.

So that’s simply it. Find two great products >> Sign up for each affiliate programs >> Highlight the benefits as well as the Cons of each product >> Add affiliate links to each product and you’re good to go.

5. Product Guides

What about writing product guides? You could chose to write your own guide to using a product.

Again it could be a product, A software, a Plugin or just anything. Originally these developers add documentation to their products but some of these guides may not be as explanatory as you can make them be.

For examples when i signed up to using GetResponse i was a total newbie when it comes to setting things up but then i looked up for a guide and found Reginald’s guide to setting up Getrsponse email marketing. I understood everything. Since i already got what i want i just shared the article on twitter as it was helpful so i didn’t bother snooping around looking for a link to GetResponse on his blog.

You could write a guide on a service you know about very well, Not just a guide but an explanatory and Easy to get one!

Remember the first point of this article.

6. List Blog Posts

List posts can be very interesting, Top online business man and influencer once said and i quote;

Lists are easy to read. The format naturally breaks up the content into sections giving it structure. It’s also easy for visitors to skip ahead to points they really care about on the topic being covered. – Neil Patel

Listing a bundle of RELEVANT products ONLY with outgoing affiliate links can make you tons of money. Found this excellent example on Hootsuite blog. 10 essential social media tools for social media managers.

It highlights some really useful tools for social media marketing. You could pile up a list of your own too and place affiliate links in some of them.

It’s as easy as that and again! Yours don’t have to be about social media it could be a list of some specific and most useful products in your Niche.


To be honest all types of blog post can make you money if well formatted and presented. Blog posts are very powerful. But these 6 blog posts listed specially above are just money makers.

So to start making money off each single blog posts of yours, You need to start writing articles around these types.

Remember your ultimate goal should be the one listed first. Solving a problem and providing value. Again this should be your goal with each blog posts cause if you just bombard your blog post without affiliate links no one… I repeat no one is going to buy anything through your link.

So that should bring this blog post to an end today!

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