How to Optimize Your Blog + Content For Pinterest In 7 Steps

This is probably one of the best decision you'll ever make when it comes to growing your online business through growing your website traffic and acquiring targeted leads to market to.

optimize for pinterest

Stats and reports shows that Pinterest now has over 110 million monthly active users.

It's about as much as big and gigantic as any network could be and has more engaged users than most other networks.

According to Industry reports Pinterest referrals spend 70% more than visitors referred from non-social channels, including search.

That sounds like the type of visitors you're looking to attract? Then apart from having a Pinterest marketing strategy in Place?

Optimizing your website for the social media, search engine tool is the first step.

I have only started using Pinterest recently and each of these steps are backed by examples.

At the end of this post you'll have learnt how to optimize your entire website and it's content, make it lovely such that if Pinterest users arrive on it, They'll love it.

1. Fix Your Site Speed Issues

Have you ever stopped to think about it yourself. Why is page speed considered among the Google ranking factors? Or haven't you heard? Faster website = higher rankings. However it's not because your faster website has any harm to do to Google bots.

So what's the simple answer? UX.

site speed and seo

Google values a website with good user experience. In fact an article by Neil Patel suggests that you can increase your search engine rankings if you make your web visitors happy.

In addition to that bad site speed ruins conversion. It's a point number three in an article on Jeff Bullas Blog.  Mozilla saw the benefits of increasing site speed When they decreased their page speed by 2.2 seconds, they saw 60 million more Firefox downloads per year.

Now how does this affect your traffic from Pinterest? Say you manage to drive xx number of traffic from Pinterest today and your site load time sucks, You'll probably lose those guys for good.

Studies show that just one tiny bit of delay (second) in site loading time affects conversions.

Pinterest users are quite different from StumbleUpon users who have no chill at all however they're humans and issues like slow website loading time irritates. Good thing is, You can fix it even without the help of an expert.

I've managed to put together a few resources on how to do this.

Are we good?

2. Minimized Design Works Great!

Pinterest is an all visual and images platform. Sometimes gifs and videos. Pinterest users are highly design oriented folks yet one thing common with most of the websites that Pinterest pins link to is... Can you guess?

A minimal design. So many white-space on their websites.

So you see where the inspiration to re-design Babs Reviews Blog came from.

A site with plenty of white space is not only Pinterest friendly but it's generally user-friendly as visitors don't have to go all crazy to find new stuffs on your website.  Take a look at the design at

Allison owns the blog and she's among the Pinterest marketing experts I interviewed earlier. So simple yet... Points out the real thing.

3. Extremely Helpful Content?

Durh... I know that already. Babs.

That's alright! Then I'll keep this as short as possible.  Probably below 100 words.

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Did I mention that Pinterest users spend an average of 98 minutes per month on Pinterest. They really love their feed - I do too although it can be a bummer sometimes. Sighs! #Smartfeed.

There are a lot of Pins around too you know? Whatever will make a user click on your Pin and leave Pinterest to your website? It had better be good.

4. Design Tall Images

Not just tall images but tall images with the consistent design lookalike. Normal people call it template. Before we get deeper in that.

Tall images do 90% better than short images on Pinterest and what's the ideal Pinterest pin size? 1105px in height and 735px in width. A tool like Canva can help you come up with Pinteresting pins fast.

While we're at it... A great example of a pinning template and consistency example to look at is Kelsey Femtrepreneur's blog images.

Look at those.

A sure bet to building your brand with Pinterest is to have a design people can associate your website + content with. I'm on the verge of discovering mine. While you're at it. Someone worth looking at is Pauline from TwelveSkip and her Pinterest pins.

They always stand out! Think you can take on that challenge?

5. Optimize For Share (Pin)

Great thing to do. Often ignored. Most of Pinterest pins aren't directly uploaded to the site neither did they erupt from nowhere. They're pinned from other websites.

Like the most linked to contents on reddit is on Imgur the most linked to contents on Pinterest is found on Then other pins linking to their respective websites and all.

What does this mean? Most people save ideas on Pinterest. Pinterest doesn't provide those Pins. They're found on other websites. You probably have seen share buttons appear on images from other websites.

This helps visitors save images from your website to Pinterest with just a click. 1 Save/Pin = Exposure to the amount of followers the pinner has except your pin is been sent to a secret board.

Cool thing is to do this part of the job you don't need to go bananas. Most free tools like SumoMe image sharer, Social Warfare, Easy Social Share Buttons can help you add buttons to your images thus increasing your chances of being shared to Pinterest by visitors.

6. Got Rich Pins Yet?

Pinterest Rich Pins are Pins that include extra information right on the Pin itself. There are 6 types of Rich Pins: app, movie, recipe, article, product and place.

This feature from Pinterest helps you add more information to your Pinterest pins thereby making it more clearer and attractive such that it attract attention and clicks.

Rich Pins are Pins that include extra information right on the Pin itself. There are 6 types of Rich Pins: app, movie, recipe, article, product and place.

If you're yet to enable rich pins on your domain, You're missing out. Great thing is, It's so easy to start.

Click here to get started. It's easy, fast and FREE.

7. Don't Forget The Widgets

Adding Pinterest widgets like you do Facebook like box is also a great way to increase Impressions on Pinterest and get found fast. And just like Facebook there are a wide range of widget you can add to your website from Pinterest.

Thankfully these things are ridiculously easy to setup on your website.

You can use the widget builder to add a save Pin on your website to increase shares, Follow button to increase followers, Embed a pin on your website to increase re-pins, embed a board on your website to increase followership or a profile.

Wrapping Up!

Pinterest is an amazing platform. Once utilized? Can be very favorable and it doesn't even cost a thing. Don't leave without checking out a few of these resources on Pinterest marketing.