This Chrome Extension Makes Blog Commenting Easier Than We Thought

We recently added blog commenting to one of the online marketing strategies we'll be exploiting real soon. How soon? Like next week.

This Chrome Extension Makes Blog Commenting Easier

Wait what? Wtf... Why do that?

I'll explain with three main reasons but first I'll show you the Google Chrome extension that's making this task ridiculously easy for us.

This makes commenting on blogs of different niche easy.

Just read the post, scroll to the comment form and type the main stuff, No need do some extra typing.

This extension does that for you however, There's a spoiler 🙁

It doesn't work for Disqus commenting system powered blogs and others.

Only the traditional WordPress comment forms you'll get by default when you've just created your new WordPress website.

It's the commenting system most people use.

Lets not waste time and get to the root of today's post, Ready?


Easy Blog Commenting Chrome Extension

The one that automatically fills in your details on every WordPress comment form you come across on the web.

Now I can't say much about this plugin but I can tell it came from the guys at ShoutMeLoud.com.

Kudos to Harsh Agarwal for coming up with such a useful extension.

If you wish to make blog commenting easier for you too then start by installing the EasyBlogCommenting extension on your chrome browser.

Once added to chrome, You'll see the tiny orange icon on your extensions icon pane, Click on it and fill in your details.

easy blog commenting

You can fill in details on up to five different blog commenting profiles. If you have different blogs in different niches.

Simply switch the profiles and the details will be automatically filled on the comment forms.

Very useful extension for marketers.

Why Leave Comments On Other Websites

Yeah, the reasons we added blog commenting to our strategy.

  • The Number One Reason is To Build Relationships With Website Owners - Bloggers love to see comments on their websites as it's a way of measuring engagements. They also gets noticed and receives responses most of the time. If we simply wanted wanted to make friends with other bloggers who we could one day have great relationships with, commenting on their blogs regularly sounds like the way to go.
  • Getting The Word Out There - We want publicity for our website, We want people seeing at least a face from our blog if not links. We want impressions if not clicks on our links. We want views if not traffic to our blog. Some of these blogs we comment on happen to be highly trafficked websites.
  • Backlinks? - The more we comment, The more we build a couple of backlinks to our website. While most of these backlinks are nofollow, According to this article on Moz, they're quite powerful. Some of these links are also dofollow (Which means they pass juice that helps our rankings.)

These three reasons alone is enough for you to get your commenting freak on. Since the EasyBlogCommenting extension makes this ridiculously easy.

Then dedicating a few minutes of your time per day to leave comments on other blogs isn't a bad idea.

Over to You

Now it's your turn.

Will you rock this extension? or have a better way of leaving comments on other websites? Share it below using the comment form, Let us learn from you.

Quick warning: At first, I didn't want to state the obvious. But then, screw it.

If you want blog commenting to work for you then you must refrain from one lined comments like "Great post" and the likes. Just make sure your comments provides real value.

Luckily there's a guide on SmartBlogger about writing great comments.

Wait, you'll share this post yeah?


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