5 Best Popups & Email List Building Plugins [2016 Edition]

5 Best Popups & Email List Building Plugins [2016 Edition]

So you want to build an email list uh? Strike that. You want to build your email list faster eh?

​I've got just one of the ingredients you need for that to happen.

The complete list of the best popups and email opt-in forms creator for WordPress. Those totally worth checking out in 2016.

But before we proceed on this one, lets answer a quick question that I guess must've have been bothering you shall we?

Why Do I Need a List Building Plugin?

The answer is simple. To get more email subscribers. The internet is not what it used to be ten or even five years ago. With so many advancement in technology, you need to catch up and move with the change.

Otherwise you'll end up with this sorta statement:​

nokia ceo final speech

Maybe not as bad as that but if your website doesn't leverage these modern lead capturing features like:

  • The Exit Intent Technology
  • New Opt-in form Types like the scroll mats, the full screen popups and others.
  • Adequate tracking of visitors, impressions on forms and signups
  • And other amazing features.

You'll definitely be missing out on some pretty insane lead generation opportunities which might in turn generate revenue for your business in the nearest future.

Bottom line? You need a very efficient and packed with features list building plugin to manage lead generation on your WordPress website.

As someone who's seriously obsessed email marketing and list building, I've tested most of these plugins... Today we're only looking at a few of the best among the list building plugins to buy in 2016 as they're a lot on the market today.

Are you ready?

1. ConvertPlug

convertplug wordpress plugin

Everybody say Hi to ConvertPlug. Ever heard of the plugin? It was launched December 2015 and is sold exclusively on Codecanyon.

Ever since launched? Less than 7 months ago​? The developers have sold over 1600 copies of the amazing WordPress plugin and averages a rating of 4.3 stars.

Over 1600 people can't be wrong.

Lets leave all those. My point exactly is: ConvertPlug is one of the most sophisticated, most beautiful, most promising and cheapest list building plugin for WordPress I've ever seen.

Want to build good looking forms that your visitors can't resist like these ones below? Yes you can with ConvertPlug.

convertplug popups and list building plugin

Speaking of Features, What can you do with it?

  • Create lightbox popups
  • Floating/Hello/Floating Bars
  • Slide-in Opt-in forms
  • Create videos opt-in forms
  • Set and create social media style popups
  • Create locked contents easily
  • Before post and inline op-tin forms (perfect for content upgrades)
  • Sync plugin to major settings like your site comment form, woocommerce and others (Special feature)
  • See detailed stats of your forms
  • And many more.

Creating forms with ConvertPlug is relatively easy, You can choose any from the high converting templates it comes with or start designing one from the scratch.

convertplug templates

ConvertPlug cost just $21. Just that? For all these features? Really It's worth checking out.

Moving forward? You two options before you can have this plugin activated and working for you.

2. Thrive Leads

thrive leads popups plugin

The ultimate list building plugin for WordPress and Babs favorite. You've probably seen Thrive leads almost everywhere on this blog ranging from the main review to the How I Did It page.

​Thrive Leads is the most complete WordPress list building plugin I've ever tried and it's what I use on almost all of my websites. It has just too many features and styles that blows my mind.

The plugin was created by the Thrive Themes team and ever since launched has gone viral. No surprise there.​

What type of forms do you wish to have on your website?

  • Scroll mats?
  • Full screen opt-in forms?
  • Exit + Smart Intent forms?
  • Scroll triggered opt-in forms?
  • Snazzy two step opt-in forms?

You name it. Thrive leads can do it. Best part? They'll look so professional? Creating forms with thrive leads is easy.

You just need to select from the available templates on file and on cloud. Over 60 different designs available to choose from.​

thrive leads featured

How about detailed analytics for your forms? You'll be surprised when you see the Thrive leads reporting suite.

Testing your opt-in forms? Breeze. With thrive leads? You can test almost everything. Instant access to tons of list building features you can easily setup for yourself without having expert coding knowledge.​

testing with thrive leads
6000 Subscribers already. Wanna join?

Want that in your opt-in forms?

3. OptinMonster

optinmonster plugin

OptinMonster. The plugin of Syed Balkhi and Thomas Griffin. OptinMonster everyone.

Optinmonster is very popular on the market and it's often regarded as one of the best list building plugin for WordPress. Recently? It's not just for WP anymore, OM has gone more than just being for WordPress into a list building solution for startups.

As someone who has tried Optinmonster, It's real good. The exit intent technology is amazing and it does come with quite a lot of crucial features.

The full version of the plugin isn't just for bloggers with little budget 🙂

OptinMonster Features?​

  • Create lightbox popups
  • Floating/Hello/Floating Bars
  • Slide-in Opt-in forms
  • Exit intent Forms
  • See detailed stats of your forms
  • And many more.

Analytics reporting like no other:


Beautiful templates to get started with:

optinmonster templates

Create beautiful popups:

create popups optinmonster

4. SumoMe

sumome for wordpress

SumoMe is that very popular social sharing and email list building plugin that lets you use almost all the features for free.

SumoMe is used by over 400,000 website owners and the plugin is massively loaded. With SM? You​ get free tools to grow your website traffic. This includes:

  • The Social sharing features
  • The email list building features
  • The analytics features
  • And others.

Robbie Richards used SumoMe to collect over 4600 email subscribers. Now that's massive. We've also seen instances where some collected over 2300 email subscribers with SumoMe.

With SumoMe you can create high converting opt-in forms like this scroll mat below:​

sumome welcome mat

The tool is an easy to use one. Getting started is easy. You can either go to SumoMe homepage to get started or download and install the plugin from the Official WordPress plugin repository.

5. Bloom

bloom plugin

Bloom opt-in plugin is my day one favorite list building plugin. I love it for one thing! Simplicity. It's one of the easiest I've ever tried and I always use it for my clients.

Bloom plugin does create good looking opt-in forms and those forms can be placed in some very nice positions.

  • Popups
  • Fly-ins
  • Below posts
  • Inline opt-in forms (Great for content upgrades)
  • Locked contents
  • And the widget.

With bloom you get over 50 templates to start from and set criteria for your forms. Create triggers and so on.

full customizable opt-in forms

Bloom is a very nice plugin to have although it does have some downside to it like:

  • You can't just buy the plugin. To lay your hands on it you'd have to purchase the entire ElegantThemes package.
  • You can't create exit or smart Intent opt-in forms with bloom
  • You can't create full screens or ribbon forms as well.
  • No 2 step opt-in forms for you.
  • And a couple of other little features are missing.

Nonetheless, If you're looking to just get the basics and simplicity is all you need then Bloom is what I recommend.

What Next?

Looking to choose a list building plugin for your website? Then here you have it. The best you can choose from right here.

PRICING: Each of the plugins compared.



One time Fee
Thrive Leads


One time Fee


Per Month


Per Month


One time Fee

Find the one that looks like a good fit for your business? Go ahead and make that purchase then but don't forget to share this post. A lot of time went into creating it.


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