7 Best Free Email Marketing Software For 2016

Want to enjoy one of the many benefits of email marketing which is getting high ROI on your spends? No problem.

No big budget to spend on a software? It's Okay!

Are there free or almost free email marketing software services you can get started with? Absolutely!

best free email marketing software

In this post we'll be looking at a few of them. couple of them I've tested and they're:

  • Reliable
  • Rock solid platforms
  • May be a little complicated but can find your way around them.
  • Have most of the modern email marketing features available in the free plan.
  • And comes with great support.

No, we're not talking about MailChimp here... They're good, have served people for years but their free email marketing plan won't just do any good in 2016 where features like:

  • Automation is crucial
  • Reliable Customer Support is important.
  • Single opt-in option at times can be life savers.
  • And so on...

Are you ready to see the best free email marketing software I recommend  for use in 2016?

We'll get to it now.

1. Mailerlite Email Marketing Software

My favorite and most recommended email marketing software for business of all sizes.

It's simple, creates beautiful emails, amazing dashboard, detailed stats and a couple of others.


Mailerlite stands out with it's free email marketing option that lets you house up to 1000 email subscribers, send unlimited emails to them, gives you access to every of the software and of course super fast customer support.

What could be Awesom-er?

Mailerlite's features?

  • Fancy drag and drop editor
  • Built in photo editing function
  • Bad ass subscriber management feature
  • Adequate newsletter tracking
  • A/B Split testing feature
  • Webforms for your websites
  • Email Autoresponders
  • RSS to email campaigns
  • Auto Resend
  • iPad subscribe feature.

You can get started with all these free on Mailerlite without paying a single dime. You won't get charged until you have built your first 1000 subscribers and after that?

It's $10 or so a month if you have between 1001-5000 subscribers.

Great service, easy to use... In fact I have written a complete guide to using the software. If you run into any issues using it then refer to the guide.

This takes us to the second software service on our list.

2. Benchmark Email Marketing Software

Another fantastic premium email marketing software with a free plan anybody can hop on to build their list and send beautiful campaigns.

Benchmarkemail marketing software is one powerful and simple email marketing engagement tool.

This software helps you:

  • Get started with a free plan that lets you collect up to 2000 subscribers and send 14,000 emails a month.

You might be wondering! what's it different from MailChimp?

It has support! Great one... that you can never get from MailChimp and on top that? Benchmarkemail lets you use the automation/autoresponder feature.

One thing Mailchimp takes from you... 🙁

  • Collect Email Signups

With benchmarkemail software, Collecting emails just got easier. The tool makes creating signup forms a breeze.


It's Really Easy and anyone can figure it out!

  • Build Responsive Emails

Because most of your emails are opened on mobile, Benchmark's Email Designer creates responsive, mobile friendly templates ready for any device.

This makes your email look perfect on any device.

  • Lets you see your reports in Real time!

One of the bad ass features that's mind blowing about the benchmark email marketing software.

Get detailed tracking, analytics as to how your emails are doing anywhere, anytime and as it happens.

That's Not All...

Although Benchmark holds back some of it's very useful features like Mail Inbox preview checker and the full A/B testing tool, It still makes available most of the advanced tools you need.

Automation is an example.

A while back, I wrote a review of benchmark email marketing software, It's worth a read.

3. Madmimi Email Marketing Software

My used to be favorite email marketing software. The easiest and cheapest I've ever seen and tried.

Madmimi also one of the fastest customer support service in the industry! It's what I've personally tested. This is one of the necessary elements of email marketing.


To know someone has your back when you run into problems with the software unlike Mailchimp.

It took me a while like after reaching out over 7 times when my account was flagged by the darn omnivore bot several months ago only to find out there's no support.


Mad Mimi is one of the easiest way to create, send, share and track email newsletters online. Mad Mimi is for people who want email marketing to be simple.

Every day, over 40 million emails are sent, shared and tracked using this powerful service.

Yes of course you can get started with 100 contacts, unlimited emails FREE. But then even the software is cheap.

Mad Mimi Promises:

  • A+ Deliverabilty Speed (This I can testify)
  • Integration to your favorite apps, social networks, CRM and others.
  • Blazing fast support.
  • Beautiful webforms, Neat email themes..
  • Ease of use.

What more could you ask for?

4. Zoho Campaigns Email Marketing Software

You probably have not heard about Zoho's email marketing software. Am I right? lets get to it.

Zoho campaigns is an email marketing software created by the Zoho team itself and being a CRM software, It makes integration with it's own ridiculously easy.


Perfect for small businesses and works great when it comes to managing your email list and email automation.

I've tried Zoho campaigns in the past an they're real good although never tested their customer support system within the 3 months of use.

There was no need. The fact that the software interface looks so old and a bit confusing, It doesn't stop anyone with mild email marketing software usage experience from using the software.


Zoho is not entirely free but it has a free plan that works just like benchmark email and yes again! You're allowed all the features including access to autoresponders.

Whilst I don't entirely recommend the Zoho campaigns software, It's a good fit for those looking to get started with email marketing.

5. GetResponse Email Marketing Software

Did I really wait this long to mention GetResponse? Ooops! GetResponse is one of the finest email marketing software out there.


Cheap, reliable, faster and the best for marketers in the online marketing niche. trusted by over 300,000 customers worldwide engaging over 1 billion subscribers monthly.

Online marketing experts such as Neil Patel calls it his email marketing secret weapon.

GetResponse is popularly known for it's many features such as:

  • The availability of High converting landing pages for your campaigns.
  • It's email creator software
  • The Autoresponder 2.0 feature.
  • Free access to over 1000 stock photos to use in your emails.
  • A/B testing feature
  • And many others.

Whether you're a newbie or pro, It's UI and availability of tools helps put everything in one place for you.

GetResponse isn't entirely Free, In fact no email marketing software is Free. However you can hop on the 30 days free trial plan to get started.

Click Here to Start Your GetResponse Trial

No credit cards needed, Cancel anytime! No questions asked..

After then you'd be paying as low as $15 per month to send emails to up to 1000 subscribers.

6. SendinBlue Email Marketing Software

When I mentioned at the beginning of this article that I had tried a couple of email marketing software out there, You thought they were just a few?



When I was starting out, Sendinblue was one of the email marketing software that caught my attention not because it can let me store unlimited number of subscribers for free and send 9000 emails only per month.

But it's pricing model.

I can send up to 40,000 emails per month to any amount of subscribers for only $7 and a few cents.

That's not all, What makes it sit in my good list is the fact that it integrates to my favorite list building plugin. Thrive leads.

With a couple of others like bloom opt-in plugin.

Whilst the interface of sendinblue can be confusing at times? It's not all that classy! It still manages to do its job well.

And the email deliver-ability is somewhat questionable, Maybe cause I was on a free plan.

The customer support team too is quite responsive. It's a cool software and I would recommend it to anybody.

7. VerticalResponse Email Marketing Software

To be honest, I've not tried Vertical response before but it in the process of writing this article I found that they have a free email marketing plan and was like:


Hey, These guys are credible. Let's add them.

Voila! They're on the list. Although VR's free plan does not let you do much at all.

You're only allowed to store up to 300 subscribers and send 1200 emails per month.

It's still worth trying as they have a pretty nice software that has everything!

  • Helps you build professional emails
  • Again, there's support.
  • And you also have the autoresponder feature available for you.

Looking at these guys, They're not so bad!

So what's next? Get started today!

Choose one of these software! I'm all for Mailerlite... It's free, simple and effective.

In already? Let me know how it's going for you.

See you there,


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