15 Of The Best Articles I’ve Read This Week About Growing Your Online Business

I've been doing a lot of reading this week, Alot.

I've been reading alot about growing businesses online, thriving websites and blogs. Here are the best I've read so far on this.

Learning too via Skillshare and writing, since I've recently made some major redesigns to this blog.

Also the nutrition website we're running.

Someway somehow we've managed to keep upping the traffic from social media websites like Pinterest and online communities like StumbleUpon.

The urge to grow comes with the passion to keep learning, to keep learning, it all boils down to reading.

I've laid my eyes on more than 50 pieces of content about growing online businesses this week

While that may look smaller to the amount you do per week.

To me, it means a whole lot as I uncovered some very nice articles published by very intelligent people and since my goal this week is to write as much as I've written.

So then I thought:

Why not just put all the best you’ve read this week in one post as a roundup?

And then we're here.

Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee as I show you the great articles that have added to all I know about growing online businesses.

You ready to see and learn from them?

How to Get Links and Traffic from Flickr [#TrafficHack]

Found on TrafficGenerationCafe.com and published by Ana Hoffman.

I've heard of Ana's blog many times but I think I've only visited twice this year, Last time was yesterday. I'm not a regular reader. "I'm sorry Ana".


Was just looking for new traffic generation strategies and after exhausting my list, I remembered this blog and was led straight to the post.

At first I was turned off. Why? You'd have to subscribe to her list to read the post,

Since she's very popular, I did think twice but submitted my email the next 20 seconds and what was under the opt-in form blew me away.

I'm still On my chair though, don't trip y'all.

She actually made a discovery that lets you add your hyperlinks to Flickr images that has the potential to earn you even more links and drive you tons of traffic.

I have not tested this hack yet but it's high on my checklist and I plan to execute as soon as possible.

It's quite new too and totally worth checking out guys.

How to Create a Blog That Will Generate Increasing Income!

Found on EnstineMuki.com and published by Enstine Muki himself.

Enstine's my friend and one of my favorite bloggers from day one. He's achieved so much and I respect him.

I'm also subscribed to his newsletter. When the new email came in announcing this new post, I was furious at that time, not cause of his email but some other stuff that happened offline.

I had just burnt breakfast. and yes, I know what you're thinking. I cook (maybe not much)

Regardless of the situation, I still took time to view the article as Enstine's not a blogger to take for granted besides one of all the things we're working towards is generating increasing and recurring income with our website and we could use more ideas.

I don't have anything to lose.

This article points out some serious ways to do this. It starts by showing us the income of two popular blogs. SML & SPI.


Enstine deals with this post from the scratch. Laying the foundation of a blog that generates increasing income to becoming an author and promoting your own digital product.

Hey Enstine, Respeck.

10 Core Principles Of Entreprenuership

Found on BrandonGaille.com and published by Brandon Gaille himself.

You know sometimes I used to think, I'm not seeing results because I didn't go through the proper training of being an entrepreneur.

Even as I'm in my third year in school studying Entrepreneurship and business management, It's all bullshit... You can learn all you want anywhere you want and even sometimes be better.

Becoming an entrepreneur is no difference.

Know what makes this post fascinating? Three things.

  • It's an Infographic.
  • It was last updated Apr 6, 2015 yet very valuable to every aspiring entrepreneur and expert out there.
  • The story of the publisher, Brandon Gaille. He went from having a brain tumor to someone who's blog gets 1 million monthly visitors.

The 10 habits of successful entrepreneur is something I've learned from and something you also can benefit from.

Neil Patel SEO: 10 Articles That Will Turn You Into an Instant SEO Expert

Found on BabsReviews.com and published by Yours truly, "ME".

Even after a month of publishing it, This article serves as a source of inspiration to me not only cause it was successful, noticed and shared by Neil Patel himself, or the fact that it's one of the best I've written.

It also has been shared over 1400 times across different social media websites.

neil patel seo

I created a go to SEO resource for everyone and even for myself. Anytime I go through that article, I always click on a link or two that always enlightens me on hacks to increase our search engine rankings.

You want to increase your SEO knowledge? You should check out this post.

4 Ideas For When You Feel Like No One is Reading Your Blog

Found on DanielaUslan.com and published by Daniela herself.

daniela uslan

At some point, always in the beginning, Almost everyone feels this way. Is anybody even reading my blog?

Or they're just your family members or a few friends, Even if it's a little bit more than that, you're human.

...I bet you crave for the millions of visitors BuzzFeed.com gets everyday.

In this post Daniela shares 4 ways to find your blogging mojo from the beginning. So you're always motivated and keep your inspiration from being zapped.

The final point which is "Remember that your voice is the voice that some people need to hear" is really powerful.

It's a short but thoughtful piece.

How to Make Yourself Write an Entire Blog Article Every Single Day

Found on QuickSprout.com and published by Neil Patel.

Remember at the beginning of this post I mentioned that I aim to write a new blog post everyday of the week.

Well, if you ask me.. How that's going for me, I'd say fine.

How's that even possible? I've not even published up to 5 post this week... You're right, although I've been writing since the beginning of this week, I've only missed one day.

To me that's a lot BTW.

Then Neil Patel decided to butter my bread with an article that guides a writer to make him or herself write an entire blog article every single day. Coming from someone who publishes an article every single day?

the habit loop

This is gonna be huge I thought and it was.

Neil shares his strategies for staying on top with writing every single day. One of the points I practice well which is reading alot even more than you write.

Every single point Neil made in this article made sense to me and putting these techniques into place is actually simple.

If you're someone who writes an article per day on a regular basis? With the help of the value inside this post? You'd be writing three per day.

Just saying 🙂 Give it a read.

The Self-Analysis Trap: Stop Dissecting Your Every Thought and Action

Found on TinyBuddha.com and Written by Avery Rogers

This article isn't anything about succeeding on social media or going viral on StumbleUpon. It's about the mind.

A lot goes down in our minds. Thoughts.

avery rogers

There was a time I thought my mind was going to drive me crazy. My thoughts and actions, I couldn't explain. I couldn't stop the thing from reasoning.

"What if this happens". "What if that happens?", Not panicks, or any bad thing! Just general stuff. Terrible migraines often surge from these uncontrollable thoughts.

I spend countless amount of hours figuring why I reacted to a situat​ion a certain way.

And then it hit me. What's my greatest asset? As an entreprenuer? As a business owner? I would say my mind and it was clear, I had to do something to conntrol my thoughts.

I'm still in the process. And then I came across this article by Avery just a few hours ago that pretty much explains things.

If you're one of those people who needs to understand their decision and why they take actions, you need to see this post by Avery, It's a good one ~ I also learnt that I'm not alone and this relieves me alot.

I'll pull through.

How do I Honor God With My Business?

Found on HumbeandWhole.com and Published by the Twin duos Kleneice and Kendra.

It's one of the simplest and inspiring piece I've seen in a while, not even just the week.

humble and whole twins

Why's that? It's about honoring God. What I live for. I'm a Christian and a business owner. That makes me a christian business owner.

Its so good to see articles been published out there about honoring God with your business.

These guys literally added verses from the Bible to buttress each points.

The answer sometimes might just be to speak to your creator.

I every time during praying sessions bring up my blogs and online business up. Asking God to show me the way.

If you read the Bible in the book of Proverbs 10:22 you'd understand that it's God that blesses, It says:

The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.

All in all, you have to understand one thing... Honoring God with your business brings the highest ROI than any other marketing strategy.

Read the post to find our more on honoring God with your business.

How to Write Outstanding Blog Posts that Google and Your Readers Will Love

Found on MeeraKothand.com and Published by Meera herself.

That should be your main goal right?

meera kothand

What you aim for all the time you're about to hit the publish button.

To see your article loved and shared by hundreds if not thousands of people, As if that's not enough watch it climb onto the top of the SERPs.

In this post Meera shares 30 in-depth hacks to writing outstanding blog posts.

30 is a lot and it's quite hard to keep track of the huge list.

However is advisable to pick up a few of the important points mentioned in this valuable post. including adding a Cliffhanger to your post.

You should read the post for a clearer understanding.

There’s More to Life Than Being a Fucking Entrepreneur.

Found on Medium.com and Published by Jon Westenberg

Jon is a popular writer and I've read so many of his articles.

I've also read numerous articles advising to become an Entrepreneur, This one however stands out.

All my life, I've been driven by my will to become an Entrepreneur. To enjoy life the way these guys traveling to numerous countries and sharing Instagram photos do it.

Hey, today I'm writing from a small cuisine in Thailand, Today I'm seeing Barcelona, Spain. That does sounds nice however Jon made a point in his publication.

Everyone wants to be a business owner, An entrepreneur.

I don’t want to imagine a world where nobody is willing to work on someone’s idea just because they didn’t have it themselves.

Says, Jon. There's nothing wrong with helping someone else build their dreams.

If you've been in much confusion with thoughts whether to be an entrepreneur or not, You should give this a read.

21 Content Promotion Strategies That Will Triple Your Traffic

Found on MarketDoc.com and published by Cody Lister

There are two online marketing strategies I'm sorta terrible at and tirelessly working hard to improve on.

Effective Link Building & Content Promotion

Which IMO is one of the most essential online marketing strategy.

article content promotion cody lister

This is why anytime I see an article on this particular topic? I jump onto them and consume them.

Some tell me to include a link to my website on my Twitter Bio (Like I didn't know that already) This one on the other hand walks you through 21 interesting content promotion strategies.

With time to get done and directions broken down.

It's one of my favorite articles this week and if you're a great content promoter, You could add some of these hacks to your arsenal of strategies.

Copy This Strategy To Get Popular Blogs To Link To You

Found on Rankxl.com and Published by Chris Lee

content promotion rank xl

This strategy is next in line for next week's task in building our nutrition website.,

Incase you don't know, Chris is the author of the Rank XL course.

A guide that teaches you to create authority websites, rank them and make passive income through Google Adsense.

I've seen this article by Chris several times and I had to take a look at it again so as to include it in this post.

We all know link building is important. This strategy also has to do with reaching out so if you're a fan of this strategy, You'll love this post.

How to Tailor Your Website for Different Audiences

Found on Thrivethemes.com and Published by Hanne Vervaeck

I'm so in love with this lady. Hanne <3

I enjoy reading every of the content she posts on the Thrive themes blog.

Our nutrition website competes with web giants like Greatist, women fitness, health.com, popsugar health and most of other amazing websites.


We've seen these websites and how smart they're built. We wish to run our website exactly that same way, or even better. In this video, Hanne reveals how to tailor your website for different audience.

Make your website smart using thrive products especially Thrive leads.

With the tips in this video, We've started showing different forms for different people, Making our website super smart.

If you especially run a big website, This post is for you.

6 Steps For Creating Remarkable Content

Found on Beabetterblogger.com and published by Charles Bordet

This is a monstrous guide, Had to leave everything I was doing to focus on the article.

In this post, Charles highlights 6 simple steps anybody can take to create remarkable contents that brings results. Traffic, shares, comments, higher rankings and above all conversions.

After all that's all we ever want as bloggers.

Why your Email List Isn’t Growing and How to Fix That

Found on SuccessfulBlogging.com and published by Sue Ann Dunlevie.

Finally, an article from Sue Ann, One of my favorite bloggers. In this article Sue points out a few minutes why your email list isn't growing and how to fix that.

She made all valid points including not offering a lead magnet which is very essential. It's the value you're giving out in exchange for someone's email.

If all these points are checked and nothing still? You should see this article on energizing your lead magnets.

So what's next?

Now, it's your turn. These are the best I've read this week so far. Make sure to give a few a go and if all? The better 🙂

What do you think?

Hit the comment section and lets get the discussion going, Do NOT forget, I repeat, do not forget to share.



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