Benchmark Email Marketing Software Review: Powerful & Simple Platform

If you've ever heard of the Benchmark email marketing software before and want to read reviews or perhaps you're looking for a great software to begin email marketing, You've come to the right place.

Email marketing is one of the best and most profitable forms of online marketing. It brings in the highest ROI among other forms of marketing, In fact studies shows that for every $1 spend on email marketing an average of $38 is made in return and one company called LV+ increased sales on their website via email marketing.

email marketing roi

While email marketing can be that great, One has to be careful the software he chooses as it can either break or make ​the entire email marketing plan.

There are many email marketing software service providers out there and if you don't choose well, It's up to you what happens next. Today we'll be looking at Benchmark email marketing software.

The good and the bad... What we like and don't like about it, The features, how to use the software and much more. Are you ready?​


The Problem With Most Email Marketing Software and Their Providers

There are literally tons of email marketing software out there, heck why not chose anyone? As good as that might sound... It's not a great idea. Here's a couple of problem you could literally be paying for:

Pricey Stuff

Why pay that much for a crazy software when you could get same service even better service at a cheaper rate? Even Bill wouldn't do that.

Crappy User Interface & Bad Navigation

Seriously? is that what you want? Pay for some crappy stuff you can't find your way around without reading some very big manual?

Poor Email Deliverabilty Rates

What the heck did you buy the software for then? You could as do your marketing from Gmail right? With that software you're not even sure if your mails will land in their inbox.

Bad Bad Support!

This one gets me scared a lot. Bad support is what you want to run away from. There's nobody or less people to attend to you when you run into a problem using the software.

No Modern Email Marketing Features

Hey, you're supposed to enjoy email marketing. But where's the fun when there's no cool drag & drop editor or some templates to make your emails stand out or forms or the WYSIWYG editor.

Integration Problems

As if all these are not enough... You had to fall into the trap and there you have it. Poor or no integration with your favorite marketing apps. Well?

Speaking of email marketing software... You don't wanna get yourself in all that! Trust me, It can be really frustrating But hey! You're reading this... Here's one software that could take everything away.

Introducing...​ the solution

BenchMark Email Marketing Software

Looking to choose an email marketing software for your small business? You'll wanna check out our review of the benchmark email marketing software but first...

Here's a couple of things we like and dislike about the software.​

What We Don't Like

  • There's a FREE Plan to Get started.
  • The Platform is super easy and makes email marketing fun.
  • The support team is super fast and ready to help.
  • There's support for users using free plan unlike mailchimp.
  • Modern Email templates and classic editor for creating beautiful emails.
  • Responsiveness, Our emails display correctly on all devices.
  • Delivers our emails blazingly fast.

What We Don't Like

  • ​There's no single opt-in option 🙁
  • There's a limitation to the amount of mails free accounts can send.
  • Software is a bit pricey compared to other platforms.
  • Free users can't access much information.

Using The Benchmark Email Marketing Software

One of the reasons why we love the software is the improved and darn easy interface plus it's free to get started, You can have up to 2000 subscribers and send 14,000 emails per month without paying a single cent.

Chose the plan that suits your business the most and lets go. You'll find those on the pricing page. Here's what it looks like now you can either hit the free tab to get started without paying or sign up for a paid plan.

bench mark email marketing

Paid plans are better. Reasons? We'll discuss that soon.​

​With that, Once you're logged in... You'll see everything you need all perfectly organized in one single dashboard for you.

benchmark email marketing dashboard

Create Email - For your regular campaigns, RSS Driven campaigns and more.​

Create New List, Add Contacts -​ For your regular email marketing

Then Email Tools like Surveys, Coupon Marketing, Optin forms and others​.

​The benchmark email marketing software has amazing features to create amazing email marketing features to help you create and send beautiful emails. I'm going to show you how to do that in the next few paragraphs using benchmark email marketing software.

From your dashboard that looks like the one above, Click the create email link and you should land on a page that looks like below.​

email marketing features from benchmark email marketing

That's right. There's a lot of ways you can create and style your newsletters.. I love to use the drag and drop editor, It gives me that nice feeling and works great for me.

Once you click the select button, You'll land on a page where you need to fill in the details of your campaigns like sender name, connect to twitter, permission reminder and more.​

Then next you're on the editor page, In fact I don't need to show you anything! Even a kid can understand everything on this page perfectly.​

You have different layout options to choose from and templates in many industries. You can look at these templates but I love to design my emails by me :)​

Clicking on the column you want then takes you to the page where you'll add contents to your email. It usually looks like below.​

email designer tool benchmark email

Then you can retweak your email subject line the more, Add your email template to the benchmark community and schedule or send your email immediately. See what it looks like.

See? It's as easy as that.

Here's Why You Want to Ditch Your Current Software Provider For Benchmark Email Marketing Software.

1. There's 24/7 Support

Lets be honest, not much software providers offer 24/7 support in many ways including chat and phone support. I barely run into problems using the software but once there is you just need to hit the button way down to talk to an expert, It's that easy

2. Amazing Autoresponder Feature

The autoresponder feature on the benchmark email marketing software works like charm. Super effective and triggers when you want them to go off. Perfect for holiday marketing and much more. Creating one is super easy.

3. Integration

I believe you use your email marketing coupled with a couple of other software like Salesforce, Paypal, Google docs, Zoho CRM, Zendesk, Shopify, Magneto, Tumblr, Unbounce and so many many more. With benchmark? Integration just got more easier. 

4. Email Designer

We've talked about this. The email designer is off tha hook and it's really one that stands out from the crowd.

5. Data Reports

Data lovers would love Benchmark for this one. The software so provides adequate data reports to better understand your email marketing. track clicks, open rates, bounce rates and so much more all from one dashboard.

Wrapping It Up!

Benchmark email marketing does provide quite a whole lot of features every email marketer can tap into to increase profits and ROI. Work with top class email marketing software and you'll love what you do.

That's all there is. If I've left a very important feature out you click the below button to go to Benchmark email to see them for yourself​.

Enjoy and let me know if you need anything else using the comment form below.


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