Where to Advertise your Website, Get More Traffic & Make More Sales…

Traffic problems here, Traffic problems there. Less online marketers are smiling, More Online business owners are wailing. You as a business owner have heard or seen those savvy online marketers drive traffic to their own business...

....for free, Chances are that you must've been trying yours too but it's not working.

If the traffic won't get to you on time, then you need to go to it.

That's why in this article, I have made an effort to collect cheap and high quality services you can advertise your website on for two main reasons. Get traffic and increase sales of your product or that which you're promoting for multiple commissions.

So the end result is just gonna be one thing - More revenue.

What I Don't Need to Tell You...

I don't need to tell you right now that the competition is fierce. Here in the online marketing world. Everybody struggling to get the traffic cause with the aid of a high quality and converting traffic to your landing pages, It will turn into more sales.

Infact more and more businesses have joined in the train when it comes to having their businesses appear online since they know that 85% of consumers are searching for local businesses online.

small business owners stats

With small business knowing these, They're joining every now and then making it hard for your business to get the traffic all to itself but it's okay, We'll all be figuring it out in this article when you start to advertise your website.

Why You Can't Sit There And Wait For Free Traffic

Getting traffic free on autopilot maybe from the search engines might feel great, But you have to put in a lot of time and effort into it. That's why it's advisable to look into other sources whislt you have the free sources sorted out.

You could also look into other things like social media marketing perhaps steal my (38 Most Effective Twitter Marketing Tips for Business Owners). That's little, Statista found out that Facebook now drives 20x the traffic Twitter does to all other websites.

statista facebopok twitter social media marketing

That's  normal giving the fact that Facebook users are way more than Twitter users. But then seeing this stats as a business owner does that make you excited at all? Maybe yeah maybe no.

Perhaps the major Facebook marketing tactics then, That could be Facebook pages or doing your thing in the groups which would require the best software I have listed in one of my recent articles.

Facebook pages on the other hand are not so profitable these days giving the fact that edge rank (The algorithm in which Facebook uses to show post in people's timeline) only shows your post to 3% or less of your fans at a time and that's it?

facebook adgerank advertising

To show it to more people then? You'd have to pay which all boils down to advertising.

I mean, You've probably heard it maybe here or there that traffic is the lifeblood of any business. If you don't own it, There's nothing for you... Let's put it that way.

When you Advertise Your Website, How Will it Help You?

Lets set aside the dirty places and acts about buying traffic such as buying 6 million bot (FAKE) visitors from marketplaces like Fiverr or spamming. But the real traffic sources.

What paying for traffic can do and how it can help your business? Check it out:

  • Instant Traffic to Your Business Website, Affiliate Links, Personal Blog, Landing Pages and more.
  • High Converting ones, Since you're paying for them and at the right source. Yeah.
  • Opportunity to Test! Test!! Test!!! Here you know what's working and what's not so you know if to stop or continue.
  • A Chance to stay on top of your competitors.
  • Kick start things. One of the reasons why Google is not ranking your pages is the fact that people don't trust it yet! Adver tising your websites might just show it to people who will not only share your page but link to it.

So if you run your company website, Your personal blog, Promote affiliate links or even have anything to do with email marketing at all then you need to see this list.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is considered one of the cheapest and most reliable places to advertise your website on the internet given the number of active users the giant social media website has.

More than 1.4 billion people use Facebook to connect with what matters to them, and more than 900 million visit every day. When you run a Facebook Advert, you choose the audiences that see it by location, age, interests and more.

facebook ads babs revies blog

With you advertise your website using Facebook advertising, you choose the type of people you want to reach and we deliver your adverts to them. This makes your adverts more relevant for the people who see them, and brings you real results.

For example: Innocent Drinks a company that makes smoothies used Facebook advertising video to launch it's new coconut water. The campaign was not just a success.

The following were recorded.

facebook ads sucess

Adding to that, The number of businesses that say Facebook is critical or important to their business has increased by 75% (Source: http://www.slideshare.net/HubSpot/the-2012-state-of-inbound-marketing-webinar)

Although a number of these businesses depend other Facebook marketing tactics like Facebook groups marketing but most of it all when it comes to Facebook marketing is Facebook Advertising.

Another perfect example out of the many that has found success with Facebook ads is Yoogaia: The first live online yoga studio in the world that brings yoga, pilates, core and barre classes to your home, in real-time.

yoogaia training Facebook ads case study

Not only did the company record a success of over 40% greater post-install engagement than mobile display, A unique 2.6% click through rate was recorded among other elements that made the campaign a total success.

yoogaia facebook ads success case study babs reviews blog

Innocent and Yoogaia are not the only business that have found success with Facebook advertising, There are many others in the Facebook for business success story section.

Google Adwords Advertising

The Google search engine is the most visited website in the world, Google is the most popular website in the world, Lets put it that way.

Google sells advertising spaces on its search engine results page.

If you advertise your business on Google using Google Adwords your ads will be displayed above organic search engine results or on the sidebar. Depends on how much you can bid for a keyword exactly, Here's an example below:

google adwords ads placements

As at the time of writing this article, Google Adwords is one of the most profitable places to spend your money and get high ROI, See what Lee Rhodes from glassybaby has to say about Adwords.

babs reviews blog google advertising success online marketing strategies

Another brilliant example is Shahram Bijan who increased his company website traffic by a whooping 400% which lead to more sales for the business.

There are more and more businesses spending tons of money on Adwords and your business could do the same.

Yahoo! Bing Advertising

Bing ads is the next big thing... Take it from someone who's already in it. Recently i was able to seduce one of the customer support team into giving me a $100 free coupon for advertising using Bing search engine and it worked.

bing advertising techniques babs reviews blog

I'm sharing all that method Here so you can get yours as well..

Bing Ads seems to be making waves. I can re-call mentioning mentioning Bing Ads gaining more and more of the search engine market share in my previous article on search engine optimization.

Years ago, One could say Google has the most of the market share getting all the traffic to itself. A number of businesses have found success with Bing Ads. while most of them are CPA and general affiliate marketers, Real business owners are still thriving with Bing Ads.

Infact this Infographic below tells us what we need to know 🙂

yahoo bing ads advertising strategies babs reviews blog online marketing

Good thing is you can advertise on the Yahoo! Bing ads network w ithout paying a single penny today... Grab my method Fast. FREE $100.

7Search Advertising

7search advertising

Truth be told I haven't really tried 7Search Advertising at all... But I think It's safe to add 'Em to the list as there's been a lot of buzz around them on most online marketing forums like AffiliateFix.com

If you haven't heard about 7Search in the past, Here's what the company is all about.

7Search is a PPC advertising network, PPC meaning Pay-per-click and they help you get your ads in front of people that care about it. Basically millions of searchers.


7Search sends traffic to your online business in many ways or it's safe to say there are a few dimensions to how and where 7search displays your Ad. for example there's the PPC Advertising option, Display advertising too and mobile advertising.

A number of folks have been able to hit it big with 7Search. An example is Rahul Verma who made over $1400 in 26 days just by advertising on the 7search network.

If you're really looking to buy Ads, I think 7Search is a place you might wanna look into.

BuySellAds Advertising Platform

BuySellAds is a bit different from all in this list. What this advertising company in Boston does is that helps you purchase advertising spaces on high trafficked websites in form of Banner ads mostly.

The BuySellAds marketplace is a place you'll find both Advertisers looking to buy Ads like you're wanting to buy for your business and a place you'll find website owners with available banner ads space you can buy.

BuySellAds do watch the type of websites they accept to join their platform. I once registered to join the publishers but got denied. Guess my traffic is not up to.

See what people are saying about BuySellAds...


If you have a few bucks to spend buying banner ads on diffrent websites then you might want to check out BuySellAds.com

IBOtoolbox Advertising

Recently I added a detailed article on how to advertise your business for FREE using IBOtoolbox.

Hundreds of thousands of business owners already use the IBOtoolbox platform to build their business and they're seeing some pretty insane results... I am. Wouldn't have published the previous article without it.

ibotoolbox banner advertising online marketing babs reviews blog strategies

Basically there are two ways you could advertise your business on the IBO platform. Main one is via Banner Advertising and the other is through publishing a Press Release which could be any 250 word article about you, your business or just anything you promote.

Plus you earn more advertising credits for it.​

Whats more? The advertising is FREE! You set up your ads free using the IBOtoolbox platform.

For your information IBOtoolbox.com gets over 200,000 visitors a day.

Outbrain Content Discovery Advertising

Also well known as Native Advertising, Yeah? Outbrain as at now is the most trusted content discovery network displaying your business as forms of related articles on high trafficked sites like The Huff Post, CNN, The NY Times and lot's more.

Incase you haven't gotten a hang of this yet, Here's what your ad will look like when it's live on one of the similar websites to Outbrain on CNN.

native advertising online marketing strategies babs reviews blog

Outbrain as the largest content discovery network reaches over 200 billion total ads served in a month.. Wow!

There are others doing great as well. Another example is Taboola which is relatively almost as huge as Outbrain. There's MGid, Content.ad and a few others you can explore as well.

Buzzcity Advertising

Strictly mobile advertising. Buzzcity has been around for years serving ads over 660,321,000 million times in the United states alone then in countries like India? Over 4 trillion impressions in the last month of December.

That's huge if you ask me.

I've once tried Buzzcity advertising when I had some mobile offer I was promoting and the traffic did well but that was a long time ago.

buzzcity advertising babs reviews blog online marketing

The Buzzcity traffic is best if you're targeting countries Inside Africa and Asia... For some reasons others seemed to have condemned it for other countries but hey there's this thing when it comes to online marketing they call testing?

Remember the whole world is going mobile, As i mentioned earlier when I wrote about email marketing most of your subscribers open your email from their mobile devices if you still remember.

Well if you need to reach millions of people globally on their mobile devices, Buzzcity will help you do that.

ell if you need to reach millions of people globally on their mobile devices, Buzzcity will help you do that.

Wrapping it up...

Until you understand the shift to online marketing and advertising using various digital marketing outlets then I don't know? As the image below illustrates, Not just Local businesses spend more of their budgets advertising online but most business irrespective of being local or not.

advertising online

The normal idea behind this article is to list some high trafficked websites you can place your ads on but as expensive as those may be approaching them directly, Going towards content recommendation engines like Outbrain will help you save some money.

This article does not end here, In fact i love to look at this article on PPC Mode as it  breaks down a lot of resources for advertisers, So keep an eye on here as I'll be doing a lot of updating as I test various Paid advertising sources.

Best do these two things:

So now? It's your turn.. Let me know what you think using the comment form below and do not forget to share this article with your friends on Social media using the buttons below 🙂


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