How to Advertise Your Website FREE Using The Ibotoolbox Platform

Advertise my website? For FREE? Ugh! I know what it is... It's those stupid exchange platforms that send bot traffic... Dhor!

Willing to bet that was what's on your mind the minute you saw the title of this article. Well well, It's pretty normal given the countless number of things people would do these days to get traffic.


I get it, But hey! This blog's daily visit is not even up to 200 Uniques per day buh who cares? I do though, When i do decide to pick up this blog, I'll just fire it up with the paid traffic strategies I've learnt over the days from these books.

I'm given those books away for FREE too 🙂

Anyways, So you might be wondering! What's with this article? Can i really advertise my website to real people without paying a cent?

Will people who are interested in my ad see them and click on them?

With The Ibotoolbox platform? The answer is Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

But wait isn't display/banner advertising slowly dieing has it has less ROI when deployed than other advertising tactics, Take email marketing as an example! An average of 53% ROI is made on every spend but who's next after email? Leave you to answer that.​

advertising methods

Have been using this platform for a while now... It's popular/unpopular. Anyways i just thought i should share with the Babs Reviews Blog readers.

So are you ready?

What is IBOtoolbox and How to Advertise For FREE

The ibotoolbox is just like a platform for online marketers to help each other. Let me go a bit further by saying it's a social network for online marketers and a platform to build your business on very low budget.

Low as in almost free.

The IBO platform consists of various websites and different functions. For example there's IBOexchange for social media and traffic exchanges, IBOurl for shortening links, The Rebrandable traffic system which now belongs to IBOtoolbox now and so on.

advertise your website free using ibotoolbox

So to get started with advertising your website free on IBOtoolbox you need to sign up for an account on the official website.

advertise free using ibotoolbox

It's so damn easy even a three year old can do it.

You need to choose a username for yourself, add your email and password... Hit the create account and just like every other platform hold on while the system works it out for ya!

So the normal rules apply here  too, Once you're done.. You need to verify your email via the link sent to your email address. Then you can start advertising for FREE.

Well maybe not so fast but let me explain further how the system works.

Why The IBOtoolbox System is Popular

The IBOtoolbox system has been around for a while now and has a lot of sister sites under or above it.

A lot of people prefer it should i say because it works as a free traffic source or because of the audience. Super targeted and responsive. Not a source of some tire kickers or some sort.


How The IBOtoolbox System Works

I think it's been up to a  year or so since i signed on for an account - Sorry i didn't inform you earlier

But once you're signed up! You get your dashboard right away. So hommie this is it. The IBOtoolbox platform runs on a credit typo system.

Yeah credits and Impressions.

You can either login per day to get 100 FREE Credits or purchase some credits.

The FREE credit options are numerous. You can either invite your friends to join IBOtoolbox via your special ref. link (That earns you 100 FREE Credits), Login daily (That earns you 100 FREE Credits), Post a press release: A unique article just about anything - Has to be up to 250 words long (That earns you 100 FREE Credits) and then the IBOtoolbox newsletter published every sundae with free code. (That earns you 100 FREE Credits).

advertise free using ibotoolbox

Those credits you earn are the ones you convert to ad impressions which then does the job for you.

All IBOtoolbox ads run from impressions. You obtain impressions by converting your earned or purchased credits. Credits are converted to impressions using the conversion tool below at a 1:5 ratio. This means each credit gives you 5 impressions.

Example: 200 credits gives you 1000 impressions, or 1000 times an ad will be seen. While running ads, each time your ad is displayed, it deducts impressions. When your impressions run out, the ads shut down....!

You will need to convert more credits to start the ads back up.

Advertising Your Website FREE With IBOtoolbox

By now you should have already signed on for an account already! If no then click here to go over to IBOtoolbox.

Completing your profile on verification earns you 500 worth of free IBOtoolbox to help you get started with running ads.

Remember the way we calculated how credit is being converted to impressions. 500  credits given to you on start gets you 2500  impressions on your banner ad right off the bat. Cool right?

So go ahead and fill your profile.

After that you can move on to your dashboard where you'll see all the juicy options to grow your business. In other not to draw up this article and make it too long let's focus on the important links here.

See how your dashboard looks like< /a> below.

I only made an effort to point out the most important things on the dashboard.

To convert your credits to impressions simply head over to the Credit center and once you're on the page! Just scroll down and keep at it... You'll get presented with the form to convert your credits.

That makes you all set to start running ads.

Go back up and click on my advertising.

You get a page like below, Just click on Create new Ad...

Now there are four Ad Options:

The choice is yours, I like to run the 468x60 banner ad though. Tends to be everywhere. And your banner should have been hosted (Uploaded) somewhere else. IBOtoolbox doesn't host your banners.

So basically that's it. There are no approval process or anything. You set it up! Your ad goes live.

You Can Get up to 4000 Advertising Credits Per Week

4000 credits per week? Without mentioning other free credit sources that's about 20,000 Ad impressions per week! Wow!

And what's the cost?

You need to just join clubIBO for only $19.95/month.

Not necessary though but for people looking to expand their reach it's a good bargain.

advertise on ibotoolbox

You can join the big boys right away or try it free for 7 Days! There's no harm in it.... If you scroll just a little bit below on that page you'll see the subscribe button.

Wrapping it All Up

IBOtoolbox is a great source of traffic for just any marketer. The website gets over 100,000 visitors par day using it's service here and there! What makes it even more fun is that most people are from English speaking countries.

Members from Top tier countries - Take note.

Now that you've learned about IBOtoolbox I'll advice not to use as a primary source of traffic but as an extra way to get more attention to your business. Why? The platform is great but relying on it and dumping the others is not so wise.

Why I'm i saying this? Once you get started... The traffic starts coming in right away just like paid traffic especially times when you publish a press release and link back to your website.

I'll advise you try publishing up to 2 PR per day to harness the power of this platform and leverage it to the core. That earns you 1000 ad impressions daily. The write up doesn't have to be that great - You just have to pass knowledge and hit the 250 word mark.

Another thing that really helps your IBOtoolbox account is how active you are. Commenting on other people's press release earns you credits too (Not sure how many - 25)

Hope this post has served you well, If yeah! Give it a thumbs up by telling me what you think about it using the comment form below and yes! do not forget to share especially if you use Pinterest. Pin It!

Have a great day, Do not forget to leave your feedback.

Update: I forgot to mention! You can always advertise your affiliate links and almost everything except offensive or porn related stuff. Make sure to read the site TOS! Don't make this about your website alone.

Test! Test & Test. Just don't over do it....

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