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You know each time I look into my Blog stats only to find a number of people including you read about me? I always feel thrilled and that feeling is Bloody awesome.

Babalola abel babs

Hey champ, Babs here... I'm the guy behind this blog and this is what I look like.

Thanks for making time out to learn more about me and the blog cause I believe that's why you're here πŸ™‚

Let's get to it.

​I'm Abel (First Name) Babalola (Native Last Name) The shortened version for my last name is Babs and I prefer being called by it.

You should also know that I'm Nigerian and only twenty-something in age, 20+1 to be precise.

Currently pursuing a degree in Entrepreneurship & Business Management at the National Open University of Nigeria. I can't exactly say it's fun going there as I'm almost in my third year but it sure gives me enough time to cater for my blogs.

Got to know about online marketing first in late 2011 when I was still in high school. When it comes to selling stuff, I'm pretty good at it. Now the fact that I can do it at home from my laptop?

More awesome but what to do? I had no laptop or computer back then.​

After spending the remaining of 2011 reading and absorbing just as much as I could, My first web property was created. It wasn't even launched on a FREE but somewhat reliable platform like blogger.

It was an entertainment forum that was built on some kind of PHP script and hosted on a free web hosting server.​

It lasted for a while. During that time I modified the hell out of that default design, All from my almost damaged phone Nokia Symbian N95.

In fact other webmasters who had started before me approached me to buy my design, I can't even remember if I agreed or not. But I was poor at one thing. Securing website.

nokia n95

Don't get it twisted. My phone was not as neat as this one lol

Survived multiple attacks upon attacks then one day? There was an attack that swept everyone's website on the free hosting website away, Course it was sad but I had to move on.

Then I started reading again and sourcing for funds to buy tools, software, even a computer as I don't even have one then. Everything went great.

I was selling my modification services to other webmasters who were still in the business until I had some funds to get started, It wasn't enough but it was okay to help me start my first IM blog.​

I had moderate traffic but I didn't make much with it, Just a couple of clickbank sales and all. Then I went on to learn everything digital. You mention it, I have an idea:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • And the rest.

I've built thriving websites. In fact my fitness website right now? Is Balling!

I've even worked at a creative agency here in Nigeria, The digital dept. to be precise and while I was there? I learned a lot too.

I've started Babs Reviews Blog to help marketers and mostly bloggers struggling with succeeding online.

Here I'm teaching everything I've learnt and holding nothing back. Reviews for those in dire need of it and articles for those it could help.​

Getting started on this page was the right thing to do, I have a couple of other great stuff to show you.​

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If there's anything you'd like to ask me personally, Then waste no time. Shoot me an email info at babsreviews dot com and I'll get back to you.

Here's my Live contact page. You should see the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for this blog too along with the Contribute link, If you're thinking about submitting a guest post to Babs Reviews Blog.

Thanks for your time and see you on the other side,