9 Most Easiest Ways to Promote Your Clickbank Affiliate Links [Infographic]

Hello there, Welcome to the first Infographic content created by Babs for BabsReviews.com readers.

First you must be wondering, Why name this infographic "9 Most Easiest Ways to Promote Your Clickbank Affiliate Links" and not "9 Most Easiest Ways to Promote Your Affiliate Links.

Why choose Clickbank over other affiliate networks? Why not just make it a general affiliate network guideline. The truth is none of those networks are as newbie and user friendly as Clickbank.

The Clickbank Marketplace is among the top 5 online marketplace to work with either as an affiliate or as a product owner which in some case may also be refereed to as a vendor.

The Clickbank Story

ClickBank sells lifestyle products that are created by passionate entrepreneurs. Our products give inspiration and instruction on topics ranging from training the family dog and Paleo cooking recipes to workouts to become a better surfer.

With each click and every sale, our products improve the lives of customers around the world. Learn More

For over 17 years, ClickBank has delivered lifestyle products to customers around the globe. Each of our unique products is created by a passionate entrepreneur focused on improving the lives of our customers by inspiring, instructing, or coaching.

As one of the largest online retailers, ClickBank harnesses the awesome power of our digital marketing partners combined with a vast library of over 6 million unique products in order to reach 200 million customers around the world.

We are committed to featuring products that satisfy our customers and providing entrepreneurs with the right tools and resources they need to create, publish and market their products in order to grow their business.

See that above? That was directly from Clickbank official website. There are over 6 million unique products available for you to promote and start earning money online right away. No wonder i recommended the company when i wrote the top 3 easiest ways to monetize your website.

To get a Clickbank account, Go here to sign up as an affiliate or if you already have a Clickbank Affiliate Account! Here's the 9 most easiest ways to promote your clickbank affiliate links

9 Most Easiest Ways to Promote Your Clickbank Affiliate Link

Why Choose Clickbank Over Others?

  • It's Easy to Join - No need to start explaining yourself, how sorry you feel for being a newbie or how you haven't gotten a clue yet of how to sort out your promotion strategy for each promoted product and to top it all no craps about calling a manager in other to get your affiliate account approved faster.
  • You're Not Limited to a Niche - Unlike other networks focusing on a specific Niche: Warriorplus (Mostly internet marketers) or MarketHealth (Health niche related) With the availabilty of product in over 200 categories you have a wide range of high converting offers to chose from.
  • No Approval Needed For Getting Your Affiliate Links - Yes unlike others you don't have to write a short essay asking for approval and have to wait for days only to be turned down by the vendors. In most cases, i have promoted clickbank affiliate products, grabbed my links even without visiting the clickbank website.
  • Easy & Multiple Payout Options - One of the reasons why i prefer Clickbank to others is the fact that there are multiple payment methods available. For instance instead of getting a cheque i get paid via my Payoneer account. Payments can be sent monthly or bi-weekly.

Wrapping it Up!

Clickbank is a very good place to start from especially for newbies. Clickbank is also good for professionals as well. Infact i got to read from somewhere that the top clickbank affiliate brings in over $50,000/day in sales yes.

So get a Facebook account, Or if you like Twitter. You may as well go with Google+ communities if that's what you want. But if you ask me I'll recommend Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook groups or your website.

To be honest these clickbank promotional methods are easy to pull off and can be easily combined to bring in more sales which equals to more commissions.

Pinterest seems to  be fantastic though judging the fact that Pinterest traffic converts a lot better even that Facebook & Twitter traffic combined. For example you could use Pablo 2.0 to generate Pinterest friendly images in minutes then deploy immediately or schedule with Buffer.

It all narrows down to one thing. Testing. Test! Test!! Test!!!

So have you tried any of these tactics? Anything you want to add? Do use the comment form. Do not also forget to keep me posted on how these tactics are turning out for ya 🙂 Feel free to use this inforgraphic on your website as well. Just copy the doe below

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