5 Great Online Business Ideas to Start Making Money Online in 2015

What do you see the internet as? The Online world yeah! What do you see it as?

While some folks are busy following some brands, others are chatting away the whole time, some are creating businesses online and they are very much similar to what we can call an epitome of success. The article idea of 5 Online business ideas to start making money online in 2015 came on me after some series of research.

According to what i have found out, About 60% of people using the internet have the knowledge, They know they can very well create businesses online but outta that 60% only about 30% are doing it. Please note that these stats are not in any way official and may not be accurate as it’s just my perspective on what have seen so far.

In today’s article i bring you 5 Exclusive online business ideas that could start fetching you money right away or some may be not immediately but definitely in the long run. In this article you will learn nothing but the one thing below;

Several Online Business Ideas to Start Making Money Online in 2015

So should we go over to the article or discuss some more? Wish i could get your response immediately.

Number 1 Online Business Idea – Start a Blog/Website

This has to be the first one i mean 95% of business owners are already online. Well if you’re looking to start an online business, Starting a website or a blog might be the way to go. Why? The online world is unlimited and it’s not like that of a local business where your customers can only come from people living around.

You can start a website doing anything for less than $4/month on any of the web hosting below;

  • Hostgator
  • BlueHost
  • Namecheap

You can do virtually anything online. Recently i came across a website here in Nigeria, Owned and managed by a lady! What does she do? Make cakes and provide a medium for people to order for it ONLINE. In other for the website not to look too stiff she also post pictures and articles of some very special food recipes. Wish i could only remember her website i would have linked it here. Am very sure she makes quite a handful amount of money monthly in the process of doing this.

You can easily start a WordPress website and post about what you love doing. Am very sure it can be classified under a Niche. Just find something and you could monetize in many ways. You can lookup more useful resources on search engines.

Number 2 Online Business Idea – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is very common these days. And everybody is doing it. This marketing method involves selling other people’s product for a commission. A specific product owner may decide to create an affiliate program for his product or add it to a marketplace.

You can get up to 50% commission per sale and advertise your affiliate links on Social networks and most free platforms. Recently i wrote an article on how to rock affiliate programs. It should help you a lot because it’s extremely detailed to the core.

Number 3 Online Business Idea – Sell a Service on Fiverr

Fiverr is a website where buyers and sellers meet to buy and sell services starting at $5. It’s not just an online market place its more. Basically any service can be provided here ranging from writing an article to holding a signboard to recording a video to writing a poem to managing people’s social media accounts.

You can browse through the categories and services to get an idea on what this very marketplace is about. For every service you deliver, You get $4 and fiverr keeps $1. These services are called GIGS & can easily make you $100 a day or more in the long run.

To get started with Fiverr, Here’s what you need to do;

  • Register a Free account on Fiverr
  • Click the start selling Gig
  • Create a very detailed Gig as you’ve seen the other gigs
  • Promote on Social Media.
  • Wait for customers to find your gig and buy. This can be done easily via effective promotion.
  • When you get orders make sure to do a timely and accurate job so as to get good ratings.

Number 4 Online Business Idea – Take Part in Paid Surveys

This method including the number 3 above is suitable for students cos it has lots of ways students can make quick cash easily. When you work with paid survey companies you get to share your opinions and get paid to do so.

Lets just say in this case, Your opinions are worth serious $$$$$$

To get started with Paid surveys online business model, Below are the steps you need to take;

  • Identify legitimate paid survey sites, I personally have worked with CashCrate & ipoll back in those days.
  • Get registered in a few other sites.
  • Let the company in on the type of surveys you’re in to take.
  • Start participating in many paid surveys as possible.
  • Share your honest opinion about products.

Don’t forget, When it comes to online business, You need a computer and internet connection. You can make from $1 – $100 with survey sites depending on the survey and it’s length. Other than making money online with survey sites you can also enjoy some freebies like discount coupons, luck draws and the likes.

Number 5 Online Business Idea – Design Banners & Logos

If you’re good at using Photoshop or Corel draw this might be the sure way to go, You can design banners and logos for companies and individuals.

You can pull your clients from different websites ranging from Fiverr, SEOclerks, Odesk and some other freelancing websites.

Another thing to do is create a website specially for your logo design services. You can get a good portfolio theme from MyThemeShop. They have nice themes over there with extremely detailed documentation. Grab one, start a website, Advertise it… Watch the money roll in and smile.


Online businesses can be very lucrative and can make you twice as more in the same range of time as an offline business. Come to think of it most offline businesses are now online. Why? just because that’s where everybody is.

So from the above online business ideas, You can pick one, focus /concentrate on it and make the best of it.

So that will all for today! If you were to start one right away which would you opt in for? Let me see your comments 🙂


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