38 Most Effective Twitter Marketing Tips to Grow your Business

I love Twitter! So much… Do you? Probably Yes. or Nope.

You have to, I once hated Twitter until i started to find my way around the 140 word limit social media website & micro blogging tool.

So far it’s been fun. It’s one of the highest sources of traffic to my blog, So in this post you’re going to find the 38 most effective Twitter tips to grow your business.

Although according to Fortune Magazine Facebook drives the highest amount of traffic even than Google search engine itself not to talk of twitter yet Twitter accounts less than 10% after Yahoo! It’s little but that’s a lot of meat for marketers.

facebook vs Google

ExpandedRamblings also came up with some interesting stats which shows that Twitter is seriously growing. As at last year Twitter had over 250 million active users. The last check was on July 28 2015 Twitter already has over 318 million active users.

Twitter is Growing.

Why You need These Twitter Marketing Tips

Hubspot found out that 62% of marketers said social media became more important to their marketing campaigns in the last 6 months and 36% of all marketers have found a customer via Twitter in 2013.

Those stats could’ve doubled even tripled up as the total number of registered users on Twitter has climbed up to 1 billion (Bots may be included).

This is enough reason to as well dive into the bandwagon of marketers leveraging the power of Twitter. So without wasting your time here’s the long list of Twitter tips you need to know.

38 Most Effective Twitter Marketing Tips

  1. Use Hashtags – This is a very effective method, In fact it works yeah. These are trending topics being discussed by a lot of people at the moment. Make no mistake, Twitter was built in a way such that it spread things fast. If you want targeted traffic to your site you could include relevant trending tags to your tweets or just some random trending tags in your tweet to acquire more impressions which might be no good. Use this tool to find out relevant trending topics you could target on Twitter.
  2. Acquire Followers – Using Hashtags may be great but getting more followers through the right channel will definitely triple your twitter marketing efforts and get more impressions on your tweet. (Here’s a complete Guide on How to Increase Twitter Followers and Traffic)
  3. Tweet A lot – Not just irrelevant stuffs but interesting, industry related news and most of all valuable contents you know your followers would like you for sharing it ( Here’s 45 Best Social Media Content Ideas For Business Owners and Bloggers.)
  4. Remember the Pareto Principle – This principle states that 20% of the input will account for 80% of the result. According to Customer Intelligence it’s also related to Predictive Marketing. The Rule of Give and take. paretoIt applies to Twitter too. Don’t just Tweet your blog post or links alone, Tweet about others too to get tweeted Period.
  5. Show some Appreciation – Whenever someone engages around your Tweets send over a tweet appreciating such people. They will just love you for that. Although this is discouraged according to Twitter automation rules. An app such as Thank4Follow can do this. Please note that i do not use this tool. I do this manually. Find out how i made doing that easy and stress free on the next tip.
  6. Make use Of Twitter Mobile App – Twitter mobile app is incredibly popular among other social media apps even than Facebook. Approximately 250 million users get engaged with the app monthly. I make use of the App to keep track of activities going round my account even when my computer is far away or when am in school and taking lectures. When any of my tweets get Favorited or Retweeted i get alerts instantly. Most times i do the Tip #5.
  7. Pin Tweets – This is very vital. Most common on Facebook pages, You can do this too on twitter so more people can see your tweets.
  8. Branding Is Important – You might want to use your brand name as your full name, Handle if possible as it will aid finding you faster plus portray you as an authority in your industry. Do not forget to get your colors right too 🙂
  9. Tweet PicturesNeilPatel said the human brain can process images 60,000 times faster than text. And among other networks Pictures works well on, It works great on twitter too. Here’s a graphical representation from his blog on how different content types works across different social media platforms.social network stats
  10. Use Buffer to Schedule Tweets – Twitter is wide, Unlike posting on Facebook pages which should be strategically and has to be a one or two time thing, You should post regularly on Twitter. It’s understandable if you have no time, You could use tools like Buffer to schedule tweets and post on your behalf when far away from the internet. Most of all this feature is FREE on Buffer basic account.
  11. Write a Good Profile Description – This aids in describing you and it often influences a potential customer’s decision to either follow you or not.
  12. Add a Profile Image and a Professional Cover – This is very essential for branding purposes. Plus it helps build trust. Header photo (Recommended dimensions are 1500×500 pixels) Profile photo (recommended dimensions are 400×400 pixels)
  13. Study Your Followers and Time Flow – Hubspot found out that Tweets posted around 4 p.m. Eastern time tend to get more retweets than those posted at other times also. You may make use of the Twitter Analytics tool to find out the best times to tweet for your account. This post on Hootsuite blog might help too.
  14. Use Twitter Retweet Services – These guys can give you a Boost overnight. My favorite ones to use are JustRetweet and ViralContentBuzz. These two are dominated by bloggers with some decent amount of followers which could boost overall impressions on your links.
  15. Use Twitter Ads – Have seen a lot of Brands leverage this area. An example is Hostgator. They wouldn’t keep advertising if it doesn’t work. Here’s an article published on DigitalMarketer how to get 198% ROI on Twitter ads.TWITTER ADS
  16. Use Revive Old Post– Very useful above all Free Plugin that helps tweet old blog post on autopilot. This helps show your new and existing followers articles worth seeing or something hot they have missed.
  17. Tweet about Social MediaFor @HubSpot, when they tweet blog posts or offers about Twitter and other social media topics, those tweets received, on average, 22.5% more clicks than the average clicks for a tweet in the month of May. What does that tell you?
  18. Follow People – Using Tools like Tweepi will help you find and follow an Influencer or a big brand with much followers in your Niche. These people are very much likely to be interested in your business and what you have to offer.
  19. Try Following Your Followers Back – TRY! I don’t follow everybody back. I simply check any new follower’s profile and if the profile looks good plus related to my business, i Usually follow back.
  20. Twitter Competitions – Host Competitions on Twitter, They work on Twitter as much as they do on Facebook.
  21. Ask Questions – Intriguing ones. This is one of those Amazing 45 social media content ideas i told you about above.
  22. Add Follow Buttons – Add these buttons anywhere you can on your website, It’ll surely add a boost to your followers count. A great place to add it too is right after your blog post on your about tab.
  23. Prioritize Twitter – Same as Dedicating more time to engaging with your twitter followers. Now here it’s not saying you should dump other networks for twitter Infact Facebook is important too as 68% of marketers says the platform is critical to their business. This will help your relationship with your followers.
  24. Use Twitter Directories – These directories can promote your profile and get you a bunch of followers already. I make use of Twellow most of the time. It’s also best to add good description on your profile to gain targeted followers.
  25. Optin For More on Twitter – This the way to go to further and widen your Knowledge on Twitter. Follow Industry blogs like SocialMediaExaminer, Twitter blogDave Landry Guide to getting free followers in minutes on SB Blog and others.
  26. Import Contacts – Try importing contacts from your email or phone contacts and follow them.
  27. Respond to Messages – Although most DM (Direct messages) i get On Twitter are automated, I still try to filter out some which are worth replying and send a reply. Try it too sometimes.
  28. Tweet About Free Stuff – People love Something useful most of all when its FREE. It could be a squeeze page. You’re giving out something valuable as well as gaining a subscriber you can always market to in the future.
  29. Shorten Your Links – Sometimes more words might be needed within the 140 word limit tweet box or to give your tweets a more attractive look and the simplicity it needs using a link shortner like Bit.ly or Goo.gl might be the way to go.
  30. Mention People – This may be some of your most valuable fans who always interact with your tweets or some infuencer, This will gain their attention if done often and will raise awareness for sure.
  31. Use Twitter Cards – This rich feature made available by Twitter for business owners can help get you new leads.
  32. Profile Visibility – Also the same as making yourself very easy to find, You should write a good Bio description.You might as well add hashtags to attract more eyes on your profile.
  33. Embed Tweets – You probably have a website, Great! Then you can always embed tweets and have them on your website. This helps gain more followers, Retweets and obviously more eyes on one tweet alone.
  34. Keep Tweets ModerateSproutsocial found out that shorter and brief tweets gets peoples attention and have overall click through rates than longer ones.
  35. Hashtags limit – Do not use more than 3 hashtags in your tweets, We don’t want some shady looking tweets, Lets keep it professional.
  36. Tweet Intervals – You don’t want to post all your content at once. You might want to give it a rest between each tweets, If you tweet often too much it’ll cause people to unfollow you due to the fact that your tweets alone has taken over their timeline.
  37. Analyze Competition – Tools like Twitonomy will help you demystify your account details. Your competitors, simple analytics, followers growth and more.
  38. Author Bios -When guest posting on other blogs, Industry blogs like SEJ, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider will double even triple your followers overnight.

Wrapping it all Up

Twitter ranks 9 on Alexa as one of the most visited and highly trafficked websites in the world. This is more than enough reasons to jump in right away with Twitter marketing.

These effective twitter tips will help grow your business faster with the platform so make sure to use them well and changes will definitely roll in.

Extra Tip: Share Quotes – It may be from another writer with the appropriate credits or from your brand. It doesn’t matter. People love seeing them as it brings back those ‘Aha” moments. It gets a lot of RT’s and Favorites.

Have you ever tried any of these Twitter marketing tips? Which has worked for you or generally what do you think of this article? Your opinions as well as feedback will make me glad.

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