9 Opt-in Form Types & Positions That Rocks Esp #7

All these buzz about starting a mailing list and getting people to subscribe to your newsletter.

Fun and frustrating sometimes eh? Lets just say I agree to disagree.

Fun when you get it all right.

It could also be the other way round when you even get all these things right except where to place your opt-in forms.

9 Opt-in Form Types & Positions That Rocks Esp #7

This either means you're either sticking to tradition (Opt-in form in sidebar, after post and probably, maybe just maybe! One tiny popup for luck) Oh!


You wish you used these sophisticated opt-in form types and that you were rocking those sweet positions leveraging everything to get more email subscribers but you simply don't have the technology (If WordPress user? = Then  plugin).

This article is over 1700 words, Lets get you started by.

  • Showing you the various opt-in form types & positions your business could be rocking to get more subscribers today.
  • Along side examples of people using these stuff.
  • And how to create these opt-in form types without breaking a sweat.

Are you ready?

Opt-in Form Types

1. Scroll, Welcome Mats

SumoMe first started what we call scroll mats or welcome mats for growing email lists.

In fact chances are that you've seen them hanging around on sites you love and follow.

When activated on a website, They are those that scroll down on your full page once you make a visit to a website that has one activated.

jeff bulas scroll mat

For example if you visit JeffBullas.com You'll get visited by one of these above: It's called a scroll or welcome mat.

How to Create one for yourself? Sure.

I'd say go for SumoMe but then you'd have to go premium to have most features activated for you however Thrive Leads only requires a one time fee.

Thrive Leads is my favorite list building tool, It makes great scroll opt-in forms which can be easily created and deployed with templates that came with the plugin or you can just build one for yourself from the scratch using the plugin.

Here's a Video From Thrive Leads On How to Build Your Email List With This Feature.

Either ways, I recommend Thrive Leads for this purpose. You can create 2 step scroll mats and more.

2. Featured Opt-in Forms

One out of many of the best ways to grow your email list is to add a featured opt-in box to your website. They're always on homepages and they're great for two main reasons:

  • The homepage is one of the most visited page on a website.
  • They're extremely targeted.

In fact a post on the GetResponse blog suggests that "Feature boxes get higher opt-in rates – and more emails – than any other form on your site".


A Chart showing where the most subscribers from for SocialMouths blog.

Here, take a look at Jon Morrow's smartblogger rocking this opt-in position.

featured opt-in form type on Jon morrow's smartblogger.com

There are a couple of other famous people using this type as well such as Brian Dean, Founder Backlinko... Neil Patel, Marie Forleo e.t.c

How to Create Featured Opt-in Boxes?

There are a couple of ways you can go around this. The free version of the Plugmatter WordPress plugin allows yo to create some basic designs.

If you have some coding knowledge then writing some HTML along side some CSS tricks can solve the problem.

But why go through such stress when again! You can create that with Thrive Leads! Yep, you can but it's quite tricky you know?

I'm writing a guide on it and if you want to get notified as soon as it gets out please subscribe to the members only kit.

3. Popups, LightBoxes

One of the most popular type of opt-in forms and it converts high as in very high like crazy (forgive that English).

Popups might sound or look irritating but yes they do work.

An article on the CrazyEgg blog suggests that:

Pop-ups drive 1375% more subscribers


That's not all... Darren Rowse from Problogger drives 400 new subscribers per day with the help of popups alone.. for folks at Ask-Leo.com they witnessed:

Opt-in pop-ups result in 1,000% increase in conversions

Creating Your Own Popups

This can be easy. Your email marketing software might just be able to help with the code or if your website runs on WordPress.

You might want to consider Checking out a few list building plugins. My two favorite ones are Thrive leads & convertplug.

They come with very nice templates and integrates nicely with almost all email marketing software out there,

4. Full Screen Popups

Even more aggressive than lightboxes full screen pop us take over the whole screen making a visitor see clearly what you want them to see.

I use this method on BabsReviews only on exit intent or smart intent only. This works well.

popups for list building

Neil Patel tested pop-ups with exit-intent technology for his site NeilPatel.com. He was able to increase conversions by 46%.

Incase you're wondering, Here's what mine looks like and it was Created by Thrive leads plugin.

thrive leads plugin fullscreen opt-in form

5. Ribbon Forms, Notification Bars

When these guys first came around.. They came as notification bars, One of the early plugins for this purpose was WP notification bar which I even wrote a review on back then.

Now popularly known as ribbon forms, they're great for collecting email subscribers.

The ribbon form appears as a sticky bar from the header and sometimes is placed right above the footer. This can be very effect at times cause it follows the user wherever they scroll to on your website.


There's an example.

Opt-in forms like these can be easily created with HelloBar (Freemium) WP Notification Bar (Freemium Plugin) and Convertplug.

6. Post Footer Opt-in Forms

The usual usual if you enjoyed this post, Subscribe for more opt-in box. For reasons unknown to me they don't seem to be that effective for me.

Probably because people don't read the whole post and you know they have to do to see the opt-in form then they have to decide whether they wanna opt-in or not


Either ways they're great for high quality lead magnets especially if they're that targeted to the article.

These guys can be easily created, HTML & CSS can do the trick, Benchmark email too opt-in form codes can make good post footer form. Premium plugins like Thrive leads

Or bloom can do wonders.

7. Content Upgrades

Content upgrades helps in converting one time visitors to email subscribers then on and on.

They are highly effective cause they're super targeted and one doesn't even have to go through much stress to write crazy copies and show off images.

content upgrades

Simply create an upgrade of your article which may be checklists or an advanced guide to what you've written and have it within your article.

Brian Dean was able to increase conversions by 785% in one day using content upgrades.

When the "Download a FREE PDF" above is created, It opens a pop up like below: It's that easy.


How to Create Content Upgrades?

Software like Leadpages.net creates fantastic opt-in boxes. Most people use leadpages. I use Trive leads 🙂 They both work great for this function.

8. Sidebar Widgets

Sidebar widgets, One of the most popular too. Usually placed in the sidebars of a website (If it has any).

Everybody uses it, Every website with a sidebar.

It's less intrusive and annoying! It's just there and does not converts as high as the popups and content upgrades, Still it's one of the most used.

Email software services company codes are most common to use in these cases, But again! There are plugins to use for this purposes. Take Convertplug for example or Bloom.

They work so well and ThriveLeads too.

9. Slide In Opt-in Forms

You know them slides right? Those forms that slides in from the sides and corners of a website.

One of the best ways to build your email list without being pushy about it.

With the help of  tools like Optinmonster and ConvertPlug you can display them where neccesary and have the right triggers with it.

Slide In Optin Forms are one of the best and most polite way to ask your visitors for their email address without being too pushy about it.

Use it.

So here's the Deal!

While creating these optin form types and placing them in positions strategically will improve your signups drastically and lift conversions.

Creating them might be just another pain in the ass.

This is why I recommend the following list building plugins:

It's not wise to use all at once. Then you'll be all pushy and annoying. This is why I love to look at this article on the Thrive Themes blog, "The Beginners Guide to Choosing Optin Forms".

It explains a lot and you could really use the information.

With that? We've come to the end of this article. Has this post helped? Tweet it then, Got any feedback? Please use the comment form below.

See you next time 🙂


BTW! Have you seen the members area? Just curious.

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